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8 Tips To Prepare Your Dorm Room For Winter

8 Tips To Prepare Your Dorm Room For Winter

As it seems to get a bit chillier, day by day, we are constantly reminded winter is right around the corner. For many of us, the cold winter months mean being stuck in our dorm room…all the time. So, here are some tips to help you prepare that little space you call home for the long winter ahead.

1. Get Lots Of Blankets

The more you have the better; they add the perfect level of coziness and warmth. Whether you are studying, watching TV, or just having friends over; blankets are necessary. You could even go for an electric blanket, depending on how cold your dorm room (or just you) gets or how rough your winter is.


2. Get Comfy Rugs

Rugs are essential if you do not have carpet in your room because touching cold tile is unbearable in the winter. You can opt for a small area rug next to your bed, or a huge one that takes up most of the dorm room, like mine!



3. Purchase A Humidifier

If you are someone who has dry skin or is prone to getting a bloody nose in the winter; a humidifier is definitely worth looking into. It moisturizes the dry winter air to help your skin. I have a small one in my room and it keeps my skin healthy and my nose bleeds at bay.

4. Figure Out The Heating

Some dorms have centralized heat that you don’t get control over. But if yours is controlled room by room, you get to decide your own temperature, like I do. If your heat is controlled this way it is important that you figure out how it works. Believe me, nothing is worse than waking up to a sauna, or coming back to the arctic tundra you call your dorm room, after a long day of classes.


5. Purchase Scented Sprays/Plugins

When you finally close your window for the season your room will become stuffy and smelly. Make sure you have some sort of wall plugin, or scented spray, seeing as most dorms don’t allow candles. Your nose will thank you.


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6. Get A Kettle

Warm drinks are perfect for studying or when you get back from class and need something to bring your body temperature back to normal. Having an electric kettle can be a life saver. It gets the water incredibly hot and is perfect if your mugs aren’t microwavable.

7. Wear Warm Clothing

Comfy sweatshirts, pants, and socks are essentials. When I get back from class I change into my “dorm clothes” which include the comfiest joggers ever, a cozy sweatshirt and fuzzy socks. These keep me warm and cozy.


8. Don’t Stay In Your Dorm Room (All The Time)

During the winter you will be in your dorm room a lot, and so will your roommate. It is important that you get out for a bit or it may start to put a lot of tension on your relationship. Either go to the library to work on your homework, lounge in your common room, a friend’s room, or just find some other cozy place on campus to get away for a little bit.


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