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8 Tips For Budget Friendly Rental Decoration

8 Tips For Budget Friendly Rental Decoration

When it comes to housing, renting has its benefits. No long-term commitments, no appliance, lawn, or structure maintenance. But unlike owning a home, when you rent you do have restrictions on what alterations you can make to the property. Bringing your own style and flair to your rental decoration is what makes your house a home, and using these helpful budget friendly tips will get you there!

1. Command Strips

Command strips are one of the easiest ways to spice up an rental decoration endevour. They can be used to hang pictures, clocks, mirrors and even string lights. The best part is, it doesn’t involve creating holes in the wall that you will need to fill in order to get your deposit back.

They also come in different sizes for heavier objects and multiple colors to meet your decorating needs. All you need to do when you are ready to move is pull off the adhesive and it leaves no residue on the surface. 



2. Laminate Floor Stickers

Let’s face it, most rental properties come with flooring that if given the choice. you would carve out with a jackhammer. Unfortunately, removing that tile is not something renters have the ability to do.


This is where laminate floor stickers come into the picture. With thousands of designs and easy application, you can take a boring old kitchen tile and create a unique focal piece for any tiled place in your home. Best part is these are inexpensive and temporary so when you are ready to move, just peel them back up and you are ready to go. Just make sure for easy removal that you lay down painter’s tape as it will help the tiles come up easier!

3. Layered Rugs

Rugs are a great way to express your style in a home. Whether your style is classic farmhouse, contemporary, or modern, rugs make your home feel inviting and warm. They also help reduce the echo in a home if you are scare on furniture when you first move in. By mixing up a design with thick, thin, patterned, or textured rugs will help bring your personal style to life. 


4. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Very similiar to peel and stick laminate flooring, wallpaper is another way to spice up your rental decoration. Whether it’s to make a small powder room pop with color or to add a focal wall in your bedroom, peel and stick wallpaper leaves you will endless choices to decorate your rental.

The best part of these again is they are inexpensive and temporary. You can also change them at any point if you change your mind!


5. Shoe Shelf

Any home whether it be rented or owned needs organization as it’s a great way to declutter your home and an even greater way to incorporate decorations. Any home also knows that before you know it there will be a collection of shoes at your entryway. What better way to add to your design with a trendy shoe shelf? 

It gives the shoes you wear everyday a place and keeping your home organized while showing off your personal style. If you are feeling more modern a metal rack with an industrial touch would be the way to go. Or if you are more contemporary, a clean white tiered wooden shelf might be more your speed. The options are what you make of it and of course you can find shoe shelves everywhere. From yard sales, to auction houses, and even Amazon has some great options. 


6. Standing Bookshelf

Bookshelfs are a staple in any home not only for storage but also a simple way to decorate your rental. Whether you have an atinque collection or books, pictures, or artwork that you want to display bookshelves are an easy solution and be a statement piece in any rental. 

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You also don’t have to shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get a bookshelf that is will last you a long time. When looking for bookshelves for my home, I went to yard sales where I found a set of three bookshelves that I thought were from a big box furniture store. The person at the yard sale told me that they were in fact from Target! So never feel like your home can’t be Pinterest worthy, you just have to know where to look to stretch that budget.

7. Tension Shower Rod

Curtains are a fantastic addition to any rental decoration. They not only provide a sense of privacy but I personally love the black out curtains for when you want to sleep in on a lazy Sunday morning. But renting an apartment limits your options because traditionally curtains need to be hung on rods that are screwed into the wall. 


An ingenius way around this is using a tension shower rod! It’s not only great because you can adjust it to fit in any window but it’s inexpensive and you can get them in different colors to fit in with your aesthetic. Not to mention that when you put up the curtains, nobody will be able to tell that you used a tension rod to spruce up your space!

8. Throw Pillows

The final—and my personal favorite—way to bring color and life into your rental space is by using decor pillows. You can use different sizes, patterns, textures much like the layered rugs to showcase your style. It will also make your living spaces feel super cozy and bring warmth into a home. Throw in some matching throw blankets and people will think you work for HGTV your home will look so good!


You can also get pillows that you can use interchangable depending on the season. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Get some super spooky season theme pillows that mesh well with your already determined aesthetic! 

What do you think of these rental decoration tips? Will you incorporate them into your next rental? Have any that we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!