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8 Times You Consider Dropping out of College

8 Times You Consider Dropping out of College

Going to college certainly has its ups and downs. Some of the downs, however, are worse than others and make you think whether or not going to college was even a good idea. These are the times you consider dropping out of college all together.

When you can’t go out because you’re broke AF.

Finding a good on-campus job is tough and balancing it with schoolwork and social life is even tougher, sometimes impossible. But you also can’t afford to do anything with you life – that includes paying for college. You frequently ask yourself if it’s even worth it.


When you start going gray at 19.

Professors act like you’re only taking their class and you find yourself having 85 pages of biology reading and an analytical essay of Shakespeare’s Othello to do on the same night. You’re so stressed out, you can barely see straight.


When you have a roommate from hell.

Did you think you’d show up to college and that you and your roommate would hit it off instantly and become immediate besties? For you, that seems to happen to only the lucky ones.

When you just want to go to your real home.

That newfound freedom and no rules definitely has its benefits, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. After failing to do laundry in less than 3 hours and eating bland food for a month, suddenly you start remembering your mom’s nagging in a much more positive light. Call her and tell her that, it’ll make her day.

When you realize you can count your friends from school on one hand.

College is where you’re supposed to find your lifelong friends and potential bridesmaids or groomsmen. Not everyone is great at making friends or putting themselves out there so you may find yourself as somewhat of an outcast that doesn’t mesh with other people. Or, sometimes, you really can’t stand half the kids you go to school with.

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When you’re “just over it.”

You can remember being so excited dorm shopping and getting your new class schedule, moving into your new home and being surrounded by newness all around. How long those great feelings were buried under papers, projects, deadlines and nagging professors.

When it seems like everyone around you is the golden student.

Pressure can get intense and some students find themselves crying every night, not eating, and basically losing their minds because they don’t feel like they are meeting expectations. This fear can come from comparing yourself to what others around you are doing.


When you realize your dream school is really a nightmare.

When universities’ admissions offices plan campus tour, they’re essentially treating it like a sales pitch. Once you take the bait and enroll, you see more than the polished facade designed to attract high school students and their parents. So it’s reasonable to get there, realize you didn’t know enough about the school when you made your decision, and dislike that school.