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8 Things to Remember During Sorority Recruitment

8 Things to Remember During Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment can be a scary thing if you’re not sure what to expect. Trust me, nothing bad is going to happen to you, but it can still be really intimidating to walk into a room with a big group of excited girls you don’t know.


Going through recruitment is all about confidence and setting yourself up for success, so here are some tips for how to dress for success during recruitment.


1. It’s not all about your clothes

Being confident includes watching your posture and body language. Stand up straight. Don’t play with your hair or fidget a lot. Make an effort to smile. These little things are definitely noticed and will go a long way.

2. Wear some sort of statement item

A colorful scarf, necklace, hair accessory, cute shoes, or a colorful cocktail ring are great examples. This will give the sorority members something that they can easily remember you by.


3. Be classy, but comfortable

Don’t wear shoes that you know for a fact will give you bad blisters or a dress that you will be pulling up or down all day.

4. Don’t forget the basics

Take a shower and don’t forget deodorant! Make sure you get a fresh mani pedi and go for shorter polished nails over tips/acrylic. Wear undergarments that won’t show through your clothes.


5. Dress up a little

This doesn’t mean that you have to wear high heels, a dress and heavy makeup with your hair all done up every day of recruitment. I simply mean avoid wearing sweats, yoga pants, etc. A nice pair of jeans (no holes, rips or tears and correctly fitting so that you won’t be pulling them up all day) or a skirt and a cute top is a nice go-to if you’re not sure what to wear. Usually if a recruitment event requires fancy dress, you will be told ahead of time so you can be prepared.

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6. Put the cell phone away

Any texts or calls that you may get can wait. If someone is having a conversation with you and you pull out your phone to reply to a text, you will probably look uninterested and rude to the other person.


7. Make an impression

Tell them something interesting about yourself. Ask questions. Show them that you genuinely want to be involved. They are looking for women who will be a valuable addition to their chapter and a desire to be involved is highly sought after.

8. Do your research

Find out some information about each sorority. Narrow down your list of which ones you are interested in joining. Don’t just rattle off facts about the sorority to them, but show them that you’re genuinely interested by knowing something about a big event they hold or an accomplishment they shared on their website or social media.


Confidence involves a lot of things, and even with confidence, recruitment can still be intimidating. However, if you go into it with a positive mindset and follow these tips, you will make a great impression and hopefully get a bid into the sorority of your dreams!

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