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8 Things Only Fitbit Owners Understand

8 Things Only Fitbit Owners Understand

All dedicated Fitbit owners know how life changing these little gadgets can be. You wouldn’t think a fitness tracker could take over your entire life, but it sure can. Once you get in too deep there’s no getting out, you will do ANYTHING to reach your goals. Your non-Fitbit owning friends probably think your obsession is a bit odd and is probably extreme at times, but there are many worse things to be obsessed with (at least that’s how I’m justifying my obsession)… If you can relate to these daily challenges all Fitibit wearers experience you can officially classify yourself as an addict.


1. You take the long route home.

Take the road less traveled…orrrr you could take whichever road is longer because just think of all the steps you’re going to get. You could carry the groceries inside with one trip..but it might be a little heavy…better take two trips just in case. Since you’ve started wearing your Fitbit you have a new found appreciation for the longer routes.

2. You wear your Fitbit out on the weekends.

Okay as much as we love our little bracelets we can all agree that they might not be the most attractive accessory we own. It doesn’t exactly go with that cute new top you’ve been dying to wear or your favorite heels. But you sure as hell know it’s not coming off your wrist for a night out. Think of all the steps from dancing and the active minutes you’ll get…how could you miss out on that just to look cute. Life’s about sacrifices right?


3. Forgetting your Fitbit is the worst feeling ever.

Did you even walk if you weren’t wearing your Fitbit? There’s nothing quite as devastating as leaving the house and realizing you forgot to put it on. All you can think about all day is how useless every single step you’re taking is. Not to mention that there’s almost no way to reach your daily goals now. How will you even go on?

4. You have a new obsession with how you sleep.

I can 100% guarantee that Fitbit wearers pay more attention to their sleep than the average Joe. Most people don’t really think about their sleep that much in general. But how can a Fitbit wearer not when it’s so conveniently recorded and logged every night? Getting the recommended dose of Z’s has never felt so good because now it’s just another goal you can reach.

5. You are not sure if you are more motivated or just more competitive.

It’s a bit of a fuzzy line between being motivated to workout and making sure you kick your bestie’s butt in your step competition. You probably purchased your Fitbit with the intentions of working towards a healthier and fit lifestyle. But are you really more motivated to workout and go the extra mile (pun totally intended)? Or has your new found competitive nature and obsession with “winning”, whether it be by your Fitbit’s standards or in a match with your fellow Fitbit wearers be the fuel that keeps you going? Either way you’re still getting your steps so potato “potahto” right?

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6. You’ve never had to charge a device as strategically as you do now.

You don’t plan when you charge your laptop or your phone you just do it when the battery is low, pretty simple right? Must be the same with a Fitbit then? Wrong. You can’t just charge it anytime…you might miss out on valuable steps. So you only allow yourself to part with it at strategic times when you know you won’t be moving much, like when you’re writing a paper or taking a shower.

7. You experience sedentary guilt.

Most people don’t feel bad about sitting down, standing around, and relaxing in general; you didn’t use to either, but oh baby how the tides have changed. Now you can’t bear the thought of sitting through a long class or meeting. Extended periods of not moving? No thanks. All you can think about is how this time could be put to much better uses…like getting in a good workout and some steps.


8. You crave the validation and praise.

Who knew you could feel so much praise and validation from an electronic device. Nothing really gets you going like feeling the vibrations telling you that you have reached your step goal and seeing the little fireworks across the screen. For Fitbit wearers this little praise might just be better than your parents telling you how proud they are of you.

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