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8 Things Every UA Freshman Should Do Before the Fall

8 Things Every UA Freshman Should Do Before the Fall

Here are a few things you’ll need to do before you start college. Keep reading for 8 things every UA freshman should do before the fall!

College. The stepping stone to adulthood. Four years that will not only change your life but prepare you for it…well, that’s the goal. Whether you associate college with your dream job, or a never-ending project x, you’re right either way. However, here are a few things you’ll need to do before you start this new chapter of your life. Keep reading for 8 things every UA freshman should do before the fall!

1. Sign up for UA orientation (like right away)…

You might be like ok duh but if you have your airhead moments like me and forget…you might get stuck with the very last orientation slot and let me tell you, that is not something you want. Whether you’re scared, excited, or a mixture of the two, get ready to meet your first college friends (something you’ll remember forever). Who knows that guy across the room in your business orientation group might become your boyfriend a year from now…probably not though, but we can dream.


2. Organize your wardrobe.

Depending on where your hometown is, you either have a closet full of crop tops and shorts (or just shorts if you’re a guy), or a closet full of heavy winter coats, patagonias, and north face jackets. If you fall under the second category, the patagonias will get you far at UA…however crop tops and the south don’t usually go hand in hand. So, you may want to buy some longer tops…or maybe sew some more fabric on there… P.S. leave your really nice shoes at home…they will get TRASHED.


3. Buy space bags for your belongings.

If you’re anything like me and bring your entire lifetime belongings with you every time you travel…I wish you the best of luck moving to another state, let alone across the country. Not going to lie, it’s difficult, but with Ziploc space bags your life will change. They’re literally huge Ziploc bags that you can find at target and similar stores, and they are truly lifesavers for every UA freshman.

4. Spend as much time as possible with your family and friends.

As sentimental as it sounds, summer FLIES by…it’s honestly terrifying. One day you’re walking across the stage with your cap and gown and all of a sudden your parents are sobbing in the airport, wondering when their “little baby” grew up. So, spend as much time with your family and hometown friends as you can before you leave…the first goodbye is hard…but reuniting with them at every break is the best. (And that will come faster than you think too).


5. Buy a funnel or flabongo.

If you’re the life of the party or are not and would like to be…go buy a funnel… or like 6. Funnels are passed around at college parties like it’s nothing and if you’re downing multiple funnels (full of like orange juice and water of course, mom if you’re reading this) 10/10 guarantee you’ll have a great night…plus the flabongos are just fun. Be fun.

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6. Eat at all your favorite restaurants…and cherish the last few bites.

Attention UA freshman: UA has good food it really does…but if you’re from a town where people rave about the amazing food…you’re going to miss it SO MUCH. I literally dreamt about my favorite sushi place sometimes not even kidding. It makes it all the worth wile when you go straight to your favorite restaurant the second you land back home, but before you leave…do not take the food for granted.


7. Stop stressing out.

If you’re one to stress out about everything, take a deep breath and relax. College is scary for everyone but remember that everyone’s in the same boat and you will be FINE. Registration for classes happens at orientation and there are tons of people to help you with it…and after that’s done you can buy all your textbooks at the Supe Store at the Ferguson Center. So let your mom know before she texts you 10 times worrying about your textbooks…(Granted, a lot of textbooks you’ll never open so make sure to ask around before you buy them).

8. Lastly, get ready for the best four years of your life.

It’s cliché, but the most important thing for a soon-to-be UA freshman to understand. I’m sure that every one has told you that college will be the best time of your life and to not take it for granted, but it’s truly the most accurate statement ever said. College flies by ESPECIALLY your freshman year so make the most of it…go out, make lifelong friends, and make memories because you’ll definitely want to look back on them (if you can remember them of course).


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