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8 Sure Signs You’ve Found “The One”

8 Sure Signs You’ve Found “The One”


It’s no secret that everyone wants to find that person that is meant for them; someone who will love them unconditionally (besides their mother) and who they can enjoy life with. While it has become harder to figure out if someone is interested in you because they “liked” your picture on Instagram or “favorited” your tweet, which can either be misconstrued as flirting or simply just a harmless act, it is even more difficult to figure out if the person you’re seeing is actually the person you’re meant to be with. Here are 8 signs that you have indeed found “the one” (if you believe there is such a thing).

1. They’re your best friend.

I know it is a cliche to think that your boyfriend should be your best friend, but I honestly think that it is true. Your significant other should be the one who you can always turn to and they will always be there for you. I consider my boyfriend to be one of my best friends and it just makes things so much easier. There isn’t any pressure to be someone I’m not or put on this facade of being perfect, and it’s something I treasure most about our relationship.

2. Your family loves them.

You might think your family’s approval is not a big thing, but trust me, it is. Moms and dads have a sixth sense for knowing if your special someone is worth keeping around or someone you should kick to the curb. I would have saved so much time and energy on certain relationships if I had listened to my parents when they told me that person was wrong for me.


3. You have real relationship goals.

I’m not talking about those staged pictures on Twitter or Instagram of couples doing cute things, I’m talking about REAL goals. Whether that involves working towards a desired career path or something else that is important, having plans for the future shows that you have the potential to amount to something great, which is better than being with someone who has no goals or aspirations at all.


4. You have common interests.

Although they do say that opposites attract, this does not mean that you should seek someone out that is completely different thank you. I don’t simply mean superficial things like does he enjoy the same music as you, but things such as, does he want the same things out of life that you do. If you’re interested in something short term, these things are insignificant, but if your relationship can go the distance isn’t it worth finding out if you want the same things?


5. You’re committed.

Relationships are not easy, you’ll fight and annoy the crap out of each other, but what separates the real relationships from others is the ability to work through all the problems you may be having in order to still be together.

6. You support each other.

You significant other should be that person who is always on the sideline cheering you on at all life’s obstacles. There’s nothing more satisfying to see someone who is just as happy to see you succeed. If you can say that seeing your SO happy TRULY makes you happy, there’s a good chance you’ve found “the one”

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7. You know how to be apart.

Just because you’re a couple doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that you need to do everything together. It is good for couples to do their own thing. It will give you time to miss one another and you won’t being suffocated by the other, which is bound to happen when you are together all the time. Someone who is right for you will acknowledge that you need to do things on your own while at the same time still making sure that you make time for one another.


8. You have fun together.

Whether you are binge watching The Office together, or going on midnight Dunkin’ runs, you always find a way to have fun together doing the little things. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good date night where I can get all dolled up, but knowing that I can be doing absolutely nothing and still appreciate the person I am doing nothing with, now that’s love.


What are some other signs that you’ve found “the one” – share in the comments!

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