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8 Songs To Add To Your Pregame Playlist

Nothing is worse than when you’ve been the designated aux at a pregame, but you’re stuck on which type music to play. Here are 8 Songs To Add To Your Pregame Playlist that will get everyone pumped to go out!

In my opinion, the best pregames are the ones where everyone is up and dancing with a drink in hand! If you are in charge of playing music, it’s up to you to set a fun vibe with whatever songs you choose to add. By creating a large playlist with different types of music, you’ll be able to please everyone with your choice of pregame songs. Be sure to add some popular, brand new songs that everyone will know and then add your favorite throwbacks that are perfect for dancing to. Whether you’re pregaming for a party or the bar, these songs will bring a fun energy to your pregame and will make sure you and your friends have a great night out!

1. FMRN: Lilyisthatyou

If you’ve developed a TikTok addiction like myself, the chances you have heard FMRN are pretty high. This provocative, yet catchy track by new artist Lilyisthatyou recently reached its popularity through TikTok, with many people using the chorus as a sound. Aside from TikTok, this song is great to play at a pregame to spice things up, especially if you’re crushing on someone there. The lyrics are carefree and easy to sing along to, plus we love to support new up and coming artists!

2. Don’t Leave: Snakehips, MØ

This song isn’t as new, but still makes one of the best pregame songs to add to your playlist. “Don’t Leave” is by Snakehips, with vocals sang by MØ. MØ is an incredible performer with a distinct sound who always brings a fun energy, with her concerts feeling like a party themself. This song may get you in your feels with its emotion filled lyrics, but it won’t stop you from getting up and dancing to it.

3. Way 2 Sexy: Drake, Future, Young Thug

If you have yet to listen to Drake’s new album, Certified Lover Boy, stop what you’re doing and go listen now. The whole album could be played at a pregame itself, but particularly “Way 2 Sexy,” by Drake, with Future and Young Thug. This song is the ultimate hype up song that can be added to both your pregame and party playlists! Also, this song is new and familiar, as most people have definitely heard it by now and will be singing along. You really can’t go wrong with adding any of Drake’s best songs to your pregame playlist, but this one definitely needs to be added ASAP.


“WESTWORLD,” by EVAN GIIA is one of my favorite songs to play in the car or while getting ready, but most definitely while pregaming to go out! These song is the perfect combination of pop and house music, starting off slow, then picking up with an extremely catchy chorus. It is hard not to dance along to the beat of this song, making it one of the best pregame songs. When choosing a variety of different types of music to add to a playlist, adding some electronic songs is always a good way to go. The energy and feeling this song brings is essential for when going out and partying, so add it to your pregame playlist now!

5. Armed And Dangerous: Juice WRLD

It is safe to say that Juice WRLD’s music will always live on and be loved by so many. His music reached so many people, varying between his faster and slower songs, with both containing powerful lyrics that you have to listen to, even if you aren’t a rap fan. When it comes to playing your pregame songs, his 2018 hit “Armed And Dangerous” can easily hype up any crowd, but also has a deeper meaning within its lyrics.

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6. Making Luv To The Beat: WATCH THE DUCK, DJ E-Freezy, T.I., MERCE

If “Making Luv To The Beat” by WATCH THE DUCK, DJ E-Freezy, T.I., and MERCE isn’t considered one of your pregame songs, it’s time to change that. This song is the ultimate party track that will get you feeling good instantly. The song was released back in 2017, but flash forward to 2021 and still always creates the best vibe when it comes on at any pregame. I personally always wondered how this song wasn’t more popular, as it perfectly blurs the lines between RnB music, Hip Hop, and Dub Step. WATCH THE DUCK isn’t as well known as some of the other groups that make up the list of pregame songs, but that doesn’t mean their music isn’t worth listening to. Between the vocals, lyrics, and beat, the energy this song brings is unmatched.

7. Weekend: Louis The Child, Icona Pop

Remember the hit song “I Love It” by Icona Pop? Well if you enjoyed the energy that song brought to the dance floor then you have to listen to their song “Weekend.” The lyrics go hand in hand with pregaming to go out, with lyrics such as “Got work to do tomorrow, I’m not sleeping. Treating weekdays like the weekend,” and “All I got is some blurred-up memories.” This song is a little too accurate when describing the complete experience of going out, making it not only just a catchy, care free song, but also has some of the most relatable lyrics on the list of pregame songs.

8. Runaway (U & I): Galantis

I guess it’s right when they say save the best for last! “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis has always been a favorite song to pregame to for so many different reasons. To start, this song is by the Swedish electronic music duo Galantis, who make some of the best electronic dance songs. This song was released way back in 2014, making it one of the oldest on the list of pregame songs, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is bound to raise the energy up in any room. The fast tempo mixed with high pitched vocals make this song easy to sing along to, even if just listening by yourself!

From now on, you’ll always have music to play at your next pregame. Let us know which pregame songs are your favorites from the list!

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