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8 Simple Ways To Elevate Any Outfit

8 Simple Ways To Elevate Any Outfit

Ever feel like your fit is missing something? Sometimes an addition of an accessory or statement piece will do the trick and can transform your OOTD instantly. Here are 8 Simple Ways To Elevate Any Outfit that can work with any basic fit!

1. Wild Boots

One of my favorite trends right now that is making a comeback are cowboy boots and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Any tall boot can elevate a look, but I recommend getting a pair of cowboy boots to add an extra little something to any look. Whether you’re rocking a simple pair of flair jeans or a new dress you’ve been dying to show off, cowboy boots are a great addition to step your look up to the next level. You can find these trending boots in almost any color, but I personally love ones with fun patterns that will go with any plain outfit. These boots will make the perfect eye catching shoe to wear for your next Insta photoshoot!

2. Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are another popular trend that can elevate any outfit and are probably already in your wardrobe! Instead of wearing one or two necklaces, try pairing together a variety of necklaces of different lengths and styles. I recommend starting out with a simple chain choker, then adding some longer pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix metals either, because this will draw attention to your neck even more. Try finding charms with different colors, gems, or rhinestones. If you’re like me and dread your necklaces getting all tangled together, try purchasing a necklace separator clasp perfect for layering your favorite pieces. You can usually add up to four different necklaces, so they no longer will get tangled when you go to take them off!


3. Statement Hat

A statement hat of any sort is always a great way to elevate any outfit if you feel like something is missing. Lately I’ve seen a wide range of hats trending, from fuzzy bucket hats to Y2K trucker hats and more. You can find bucket hats of all different textures, colors, and prints, so grab a couple different ones to add to any fit! These are also ideal if your having a bad hair day but still feel like looking cute and getting all done up.

4. Play With Colors

One thing I lack in my own wardrobe that I have tried to add more of is bright colored pieces. If you usually gravitate towards simple colored clothing that’s white, black, or gray, try looking for some brighter colored pieces next time you go shopping. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with your colors, such as in the photo below. Playing with color is always a fun way to create a unique outfit that will surely get you a lot of compliments. This may seem a little out of your comfort zone, but isn’t that what the best fashion looks do best? Next time you go to get ready, try mixing together bright colors that you wouldn’t normally pair together to elevate your look!

5. Add A Blazer

Adding a blazer is one of my favorite ways to elevate any outfit, whether it’s a basic look or something a little more dressy. Blazers in the past have been seen as a piece ideal for creating a business casual look, but recently have completely changed the game. I have always loved the look of an oversized blazer added to really any look. You can opt for wearing a sexy mini dress paired with an oversized blazer, or if you are trying to stay casual try pairing it with some biker shorts or any pair of jeans in your closet! Oversized blazers come in all sorts of colors, fabrics, and prints so you’ll be sure to find one you love.

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6. Funky Sunglasses

No matter what you are wearing, adding a funky pair of sunglasses can elevate your look instantly. I’ve always been a sunglasses lover, particularly searching for unique shapes or colors when shopping. Even if you don’t want to wear them all day, you can easily just wear them on your head as a fun accessory that can be added to literally any outfit. I always recommend checking out Amazon for some inexpensive shades that can be found it any print you’d like!

7. Y2K Choker

Y2K inspired clothing and accessories are a fairly new trend that so many people have begun to recreate. Beaded chokers are a fun way to elevate any outfit by adding a whimsical, care free vibe to make any outfit a little more exciting. You can find these necklaces all over Etsy, Amazon, and from some of your favorite stores. However, if you’re feeling creative, take a trip to your local craft store and pick up some string and beads to create your own personal beaded Y2K choker. This can easily add to any plain shirt, elevating your look right away. You can choose from a wide variety of different colored beads and get as creative as you’d like to make your own one of a kind piece!


8. Oversized Leather Jacket

Last but not least, one of my favorite ways to add to any basic fit is with an oversized leather jacket that is perfect for layering! These leather jackets are super trendy right now, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the perfect jacket for you. These work similar as the blazers, but can be used to add to your night out fit or a daytime look that is lacking a little something. These jackets are super badass and can really make any outfit look ten times hotter. They are also a great transitional piece from fall to winter, as the oversized look allows you to layer thicker sweaters underneath. Also don’t worry, there’s no need to buy real leather, as faux leather oversized jackets can create the same look at an affordable cost and more ethical option!

Next time your outfit is lacking that extra something, try adding one of these pieces to completely transform your look! Let us know which one of these simple ways to elevate any outfit is your favorite!

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