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8 Signs Your Partner Wants To Spice Things Up

When you’ve been in a relationship with the same person for quite a while things can get repetitive and start to feel like they’re getting boring. Couples can get to the point where sex feels like a chore and something that isn’t fun anymore. Half of the couple might not know that this is happening, so the other half starts to drop hints that they would like to spice things up in both the relationship and the bedroom.

We can sometimes be oblivious to the hints that are being dropped, so we need to start looking out for them if we feel there’s a strain in our relationship. So here’s a list of signs that your partner wants to spice things up in your relationship. Once you know the signs, you can work together to bring passion and spontaneity back into your relationship. 

1. They’ve Started Planning More Date Nights

Date nights often lead to some fun in the bedroom at the end of the night. If your partner starts to suggest that you start going on more dates and even takes the time to plan them then they are hinting that they would like to spice things up. Sometimes they might even go as far as scheduling sex into the date. If they do that, then they are really looking to spice things up. Planning sex might seem unappealing and forced at first, but once you start getting back into a routine then you’ll no longer have to plan it. It’ll just start happening again, making date night even better again. 

2. They Start Showing More Affection Outside Of The Bedroom

When we become comfortable in a relationship we tend to save the affection for the bedroom and the bedroom only. If your partner starts showing more public displays of affection randomly or more often than usual when you are out then they are looking to spice things up. This can be as simple as holding hands while you walk around in public or even a quick make out session while you’re waiting for an Uber. Any new displays of affection outside of the bedroom means that they’d like to do more once you get back to the bedroom. Take these new signs of affection as an invitation to spice things up once you get home. 

3. They Constantly Bring Up Their Friend’s Sex Lives

If you’ve heard about your partner’s best friend’s sex life more than you’ve ever wanted to then that might mean it’s time to spice things up in your own relationship. If you’re partner seems to be jealous of their friend’s sex life that means that theirs is unsatisfactory at the moment. You wouldn’t want your partner to fantasize about someone else’s sex life, so this is a clear sign that it’s time to change things up within your own sex lives. You want them to only think about the sex life that you share together, so start thinking about the things you can do to spice things up in the bedroom so they forget about being jealous of other people’s sex lives.  

4. They’ve Started Talking About Sex More Than Usual

We tend to not talk about sex as much with our partner when we become comfortable with the sex that we’re having. It becomes the same thing almost every time, so there’s nothing to discuss really. If your partner starts talking about sex more either with you or when you’re around that is a sign that they want to spice things up when you’re in the bedroom. Especially if you never really talk about sex with one another but all of a sudden they start talking about it a lot. That’s a big sign that it’s time to spice things up and maybe start doing some new and different things with one another sexually. 

5. They’ve Tried Straying From Your Regular Routine

Once your partner starts talking about sex more, they’re suggesting that it might be time for your regular sex routine to be changed up a little. Then if they try to change it up while you are in the middle of the act, this means that they really, really want to spice things up. It’s one thing if they talk about changing it up, but it’s a whole other thing if they try to change it up while you’re doing it. Whether they feel the routine has gotten boring or too tedious, take the time to figure out what it is they would like to change and start exploring new things that you can do during the act. Spice things up by trying new positions, changing locations, or roleplaying to accommodate both your fantasies. 

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6. They Start Sending You Provocative Texts

If your partner isn’t the type to send you a racy text message but they start doing it out of the blue, this is a clear sign that they want to spice things up. If they start sending you provocative texts while you are doing mundane things like working, grocery shopping, or folding laundry then this means they are really trying to get you to think about doing some sexy things with them. They want to distract you from your mundane tasks, even just for a second, to let you know that they would like to spice things up the next time they see you. These texts might just be a joke but they also might be a tell all about what your partner is looking for. Try not to take them too lightly. 


7. They’ve Started Dressing Up More

If you notice that your partner has started dressing up for you more then that is a clear sign that they are looking to spice things up more. It is a really big sign if they start dressing up for you during down time or when you have nothing going on. By dressing up for you, they are showing you that they care about how they look when you see them; even if it is to just hang out at home and make a meal together. The nicer they dress during down time, the more they want to spice things up. I mean a woman wouldn’t put on heels and a tight dress just to sit and hang out unless she was looking to do a little something more. Same for a guy, they wouldn’t put on a suit and just to make dinner unless they were looking to have more fun later. 

8. They’ve Become More Spontaneous In More Ways Than One

Spontaneity in your partner means that they want spontaneity in your relationship. This doesn’t mean just in the bedroom though. They might be looking to spice things up in all aspects of your relationship. Whether it’s going on a random road trip, trying something new for dinner, or changing it up in the bedroom, if your partner is being spontaneous in any form then they are looking to spice things up with you and within your relationship. And if they start doing spontaneous things that are completely unlike them, then they are really crying out for you to try to spice up your relationship. No one wants their relationship to become complacent. Just add a little spice here and there to keep things fresh and exciting.

What are some things you’ve done to show a partner you want to spice things up in your relationship? What are some things you’ve been shown to know that they were looking to spice things up? Let us know in the comments below!

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