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8 Questions You Ask Yourself During UA Summer Break

8 Questions You Ask Yourself During UA Summer Break

It’s not that things are different now than they were before I went to school, but after being gone for so long, adjusting to life back home during a summer break can be, well… an adjustment. I am sure you can all relate. Keep reading for the top 8 questions we are all asking ourselves now that we are home!

1. I actually have to drive to go see my friends?

It was so nice when my friends lived a short walk, an elevator ride, or even across the room from me. Now, hanging out with my friends includes planning, and driving all the way over to their houses.

2. Wait I have to ask my parents for permission to go out?

How nice it was to just go do things without having to tell anyone or ask for permission.


3. I have to pay to go to the gym?

Now that it’s summer and I’m motivated to get a beach bod, there is no free gym…. Oh how I wish I would’ve taken advantage of that all school year. Maybe next year…

4. What do you mean you don’t take bama cash?

Wow this is so frustrating. All I want is B-Phils and to not have to use my credit card on food.

5. Game tickets aren’t free?

I just wanna go see a baseball game dammit, why does it have to be so expensive?

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6. So this is what real food tastes like?

Mom’s home cooking >>>>>>>>>>>>>> dining hall mystery meat.

7. I don’t have to take care of myself?

Being sick at school is the worst because I don’t have my mom there to make me soup and take care of me, but I know if I get sick this summer she will be by my side the entire time.


8. When does school start?

As much as I love being home, I’m counting down the days until fall semester starts and I’m back in good ol’ Tuscaloosa.

What are some other questions you ask yourself during summer break? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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