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8 Homemade Skin Care Recipes You Need To Try

These homemade skin care recipes are clean, simple, and affordable! If you think that you need to spend an arm and a leg to buy effective skin care, this article is for you. Most of the ingredients are commonly found in your pantry, which means that you get effective skin care treatment at almost no cost!

1. Honey Face Mask

This face mask is one of the best homemade skin care recipes for acne scars. If you use it consistently, it will heal scars and treat blemishes. The recipe uses only two ingredients that are commonly found in the kitchen.


1 tablespoon honey

1 teaspoon nutmeg

Mix the ingredients together in a small dish. You can apply the mask all over your face, or dab a little bit onto your breakouts. This recipe only makes enough for one face mask, so consider doubling the ingredients if you want to make a supply. 


2. Hair Mask

Is hair care included in skincare? We think it is! If you struggle with oily hair, this is the mask for you! The coconut oil in the mask will revitalize split ends, while the lemon oil will help balance the oils in your scalp. 


3 tablespoons coconut oil

1/2 cup lemon juice

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl. Pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle for easy access. Apply the mask about 30 minutes before washing your hair. Work it into the strands of your hair and massage it into your scalp. After the mask has time to soak into your hair, wash your hair like normal.

3. Eye Mask

Battle your under-eye bags with this revitalizing eye mask! This homemade skin care recipe is easy to make, and it will make your eyes bright and clear in the morning. 


1 tablespoon coconut oil

2 capsules of vitamin E

Mix the ingredients in a small glass jar and store the jar in a cool, dry place. Apply the cream at night before bed and then complete your regular skincare routine in the morning. Your eyes will be bright and clear in no time if you use this mask!

4. Lip Balm

Every girl should have a container of lip balm in her purse, by her bed, in the bathroom, and in the car. This homemade lip balm makes a large batch, which means that you can put a bottle in all those key places! The only unique ingredient is the beeswax pastilles. You can order these on Amazon. You can also substitute olive oil for sweet almond oil if you have a nut allergy.

3 tablespoons coconut oil

1 sweet almond oil

2 tablespoons beeswax pastilles

1/2 teaspoon honey

20 drops lavender essential oil

Pour the coconut oil, almond oil, and beeswax into a glass bowl over a saucepan filled with water. Turn the burner on low heat and let the oils and beeswax melt completely. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the honey and lavender. Pour the mixture into chapstick tubs, mini jars, or mini round tins. Allow the mixture to harden and then cover it with a lid. 

5. Eyelash Serum

One simple way to thicken your lashes is to add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to your mascara. This is especially helpful when your mascara starts to run out. Lavender oil will help to thicken and strengthen your lashes without using harmful chemicals. If you want a separate eyelash serum, use this recipe that has three simple ingredients. 


1 1/2 teaspoon castor oil

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1/2 teaspoon vitamin E

Mix all the ingredients together and put them in a container. Apply to your lashes at night before bed for the best results. You can use your fingers or a brush to apply the serum. Give the serum 2-3 weeks to start showing results. 

6. Body Wash

Store-bought body wash can be outrageously expensive! There are a variety of homemade body wash recipes that you can follow, but this one is my favorite. I recommend using Dr. Bronner’s almond Castille soap in this recipe, but you can also use the lavender soap for a calming scent.

1 pure Castille soap bar, grated 

12 cups water

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2 tablespoons glycerin

Bring the water to a soft simmer, add the soap, and stir until completely melted. Turn off the heat and add the glycerin, stirring to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Cover the container and allow it to sit for 24 hours. After allowing the mixture to set, you can put it in mason jars or old body wash containers. 

7. Hand Scrub

This pink lemonade sugar scrub is one of the cutest and easiest homemade skin care recipes! If you are looking for a summer job, you could easily make a large batch of sugar scrub and sell it in cute little jars. Sugar scrub is a great way to get smooth skin as you go into summer! Vitamin E oil is an optional addition, but I recommend using it because it will help preserve your scrub.

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup coconut, almond, or olive oil

1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil (optional)

15 drops lemon essential oil

1-2 drops red food coloring (if you want a pink tint to your scrub)

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them together. Store your scrub in an airtight container and use it within a month or two of making it. With its clean lemon smell and cheerful color, this scrub will be at the top of everyone’s gift list!

8. Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup remover can be harsh to our delicate eyes! Some removers contain harsh chemicals that cause irritation and eyelash loss. Try using this gentle remover as a clean alternative to beauty store makeup remover.

1 cup distilled water

1 1/2 tablespoon baby shampoo

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1-3 drops lavender essential oil

Melt the coconut oil in the microwave until it is just liquified. Then pour the coconut oil and other ingredients into a mason jar. Shake the jar well to combine all the ingredients. Pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle or dropper for easy access, and store in a cool, dark place.

Which of these homemade skin care recipes are you going to try? Let us know in the comments!

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