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8 Holiday Decorations For Your Dorm That Won’t Look Tacky

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is getting to decorate my room! If you’re like me and away at college, check out these 8 Holiday Decorations For Your Dorm That Won’t Look Tacky!

If it’s your first time being away from home and at college during the holidays, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it just as fun as usual! Decorating your dorm room can be a super fun activity for you and your roommates and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some Christmas or NYE decorations can tend to be a little over the top, so this list will offer some ideas on how to get a simple, minimalist holiday vibe in your dorm room without making it look overcrowded in such a small space. You can check out your local craft store or dollar store to find inexpensive holiday dorm decorations that will make your room the new hangout spot!

1. White Christmas Tree

Nothing says decorating for Christmas more than adding a Christmas Tree to your dorm! You can get a small sized tree to perfectly fit your space and it will surely get you into the holiday spirit. Instead of going for the traditional green tree, I recommended getting a mini white tree, as it will match any dorm room aesthetic and you can get all sorts of ornaments to put on! Buying a fake white tree with ornaments to match the color scheme of your room is a great way to keep your holiday dorm decorations simple, but still festive and not tacky looking.

2. Holiday Pillows

An easy way to instantly add some holiday spirit into your dorm is by adding some holiday inspired throw pillows to your bed! If you have white bedding which is super popular for dorms these days, add a little holiday spirit to your bed by finding some decorative holiday pillows. You can add some red and green, silver, or really any color that represents whichever holiday you celebrate! If you have a printed comforter, try finding some solid colored pillows with minimal designs to not make it look too over the top.

3. Minimalist Branch Touch

This minimalist holiday dorm is a beautiful way to add a simple touch of holiday spirit to your dorm room. All you need to do is get a large clear vase, then add some green pine branches to it to recreate one of easiest holiday room decorations! You can either go for a fake branch that can be found at a craft store or online, or you can go outside and cut a small, real branch for that added Christmastime pine scent! Feel free to add a small set of battery-powered white lights to make this minimalist decoration come to life!

4. A New Take On Christmas Lights

Keeping with the minimalist, less tacky holiday dorm decorations theme, these clear lanterns filled with twinkle lights make a beautiful, yet small decoration that can easily fit into any dorm room. When shopping, look for some clear lanterns that can be found in the outdoor section of a store. You can purchase multiple lanterns of different shapes and sizes to add some variety to the space, then fill them with twinkle lights and your holiday decoration is complete! This can work for whichever holiday you celebrate, but is especially great for ringing in the New Year.

5. NYE Bar Cart

If you have a bar cart in your room, try switching your bar decor by adding some holiday inspired decorations! This NYE Bar Cart is super easy to achieve, as you’ll just need to find some silver or gold decor. Start by clearing off your cart, then draping a glittery star banner over the cart. Add a silver or gold ice bucket and throw in a bottle of champagne since it’s the signature NYE drink! Finish off by switching your regular glasses for some silver or gold cups and you’re good to go!

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6. Holiday Countdown Calendar

This Holiday Countdown Calendar is a fun way to get excited for your favorite holiday while also making one of the most unique holiday dorm decorations. You can obviously go out and buy a countdown calendar, but if you’re feeling a little crafty try DIYing it yourself. Start by finding a wooden board, then paint over it with some chalkboard paint. You can either lay out your calendar design with some chalk, or paint on with acrylic paint to get that rustic look!

7. Subtle Pops Of Green

Adding some outdoor inspired green decor is a quick and easy way to make your holiday dorm room vision come to life. These snow frosted pine decorations are not only super cute, but can be found at a dollar store if you’re on a budget but still want to decorate, like most college students. One of my favorite parts of wintertime is the first snowfall, so these decorations are a great way to tie in that seasonal love without looking too colorful or tacky. Add some white candles and pinecones around your green decor to make it every more beautiful!

8. Star Curtain Lights

If you have those ugly colored, traditional curtains the come in most dorm rooms, try switching them out for some simple white curtains and adding curtain lights to create a winter wonderland vibe! Adding white or yellow curtain lights is a simple way to elevate your dorm room and get some more intimate lighting as opposed to the harsh lighting the comes in dorm rooms. Take it a step further by getting some star curtain lights that are perfect for the holidays and will give your room a cozy feel. These are one of the holiday dorm decorations that you can easily find at any home store or on Amazon, so go grab yours now!

If you want to take a simple, less tacky approach to holiday decorating, try some of these holiday dorm decorations! Let us know which decorations are your favorites!

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