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8 Health and Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

In today’s hectic world, many are constantly attempting to balance their busy careers and personal life, but never seem to have time to simply step back and enjoy themselves. Since social media plays a huge factor in our every day lives, check out some of these amazing health and fitness Instagram accounts in hopes of sparking your next journey in life whether it be with fitness, nutrition or enjoying the great outdoors.

Outdoorsy Accounts

Like I said, social media plays a huge factor in our every day lives…which means a lot of time spent indoors, nose stuck in our phones. After scrolling through these accounts, you might feel a little inspired to get up and do something a bit more active in the great outdoors!

1. FosterHunting

Foster Huntington quit his job to live life to the fullest and travel the country in his van. If you’re looking for some inspiration or a change of scenery, check out Foster’s latest post for some motivation to get outside!

2. Patagonia

Patagonia goal is to provide clothing fit for the active lifestyle. In addition to this, Patagonia also strives to better the environment and the world around us.

Happily Healthy Accounts

Nutrition is something many constantly have on their mind, but with everything else going on, it quickly becomes something that is often neglected. Check out these awesome nutrition accounts that provide easy and simple recipes.

3. Nutritionbymia

Nutrition by Mia’s goal is to make healthy food delicious and exciting. From maple balsamic roasted brussel sprouts to apple spiced pancakes topped with simmered apples and spices. Mia’s fun and creative recipes are sure to not disappoint your taste buds.

4. NomNomPaleo

The creative mind behind NomNom Paleo is Michelle Tran, a chef who uses her many travel adventures to inspire new and healthy recipes. Check out her account as well as her website for the latest and greatest recipes.

5. Easyfitnessmeals

With chaos in all of our lives, this account is sure to be a great way to find guaranteed easy and healthy recipes. Not to mention the pictures will make your mouth water!

Shape Up Accounts

As the New Year is quickly approaching, as are age-old fitness resolutions. But, why wait until January to start your fitness kick, with these inspirational fitness accounts you can jump start your fitness regimen now.


These quick exercise tips by X-ceed Fit are prefect for anyone who wants to build or add to a new or existing workout regime. Check out these short 15 second videos that emphasize different areas of the body.

See Also


Sometimes in life, we simply need to pause and take a break from the world around us. If you are in need of relaxation as well as fitness inspiration, follow to help redefine and learn new yoga techniques.

8. Twobadbodies

Why workout alone, when you can workout with your best friend? Check out this duos’ great partner workouts. From jumping rope to box jumps, this pair will inspire you and a friend to hit the gym ASAP!

Since social media plays a significant part in our everyday lives, why not utilize it to benefit important aspects of our life such as nutrition, fitness and simply being outdoors.  These instagram accounts will not only help fulfill those goals and resolutions you set for yourself, they will hopefully spark up some inspo your next adventure!


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Malia Bates

Malia is a student at the University of Redlands in Southern California, studying Visual Media Studies, Creative writing and Spanish. In her free time, she is an avid sports fan and hopes to become a sports journalist in the future.

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