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8 Effective Hair Growth Serums You Need To Try

8 Effective Hair Growth Serums You Need To Try

Protecting your hairs natural growth rate, nutrients and barrier is a beauty priority that is commonly overlooked. Keeping up with todays nourishing, beneficial products that escalate your hairs softness, strength, volume and growth is incredibly important when it comes to having the luscious hair that you desire. Continue reading to discover a few of todays top-selling serums that support the natural growth of hair, brows and lashes. 

1. GRO Hair Serum by Vegamour

As the trending beauty brand Vegamour explains, there are many natural life occurrences such as lack of sleep, stress, poor scalp health, hormonal changes and more that contribute towards hair loss and thinning. With these problematic factors in mind, Vegamour released the GRO Hair Serum which is carefully made with clincially tested vegan phyto-actives that “work in tandem” to support and enrich your hairs follicular ecosystem. Using the key ingredients of glycerin, aqua, butylene glycol and more, Vegamours serum targets poor scalp and follicle health in order to revitalize hair roots and stimulate growth. This serum is considered as affordable and is advertised as a serum that is safe for everyday use with no hormones or toxins. Based on multiple conducted studies using GRO Hair Serum, results show thicker, fuller hair within just 90 days of use. Be sure to try this product if you are looking for a dependable and effective solution! 

2. ACT + ACRE Cold Processed Scalp Detox

Stimulating, hydrating and nourishing your scalp is a hidden key to activating hair growth and building a supportive barrier for your roots. The Cold Processed Scalp Detox serum by ACT + ACRE is a 2021 GLAMOUR Beauty Award Winner and a #1 best seller due to its cleansing, soothing and balancing properties that grant people the hair quality they desire. For those suffering from an itchy, dandruff- prone, oily, inflamed scalp, then this product is exactly what you need to add to your online shopping cart. The serum is primarily formulated with baobab and basil leaf, moringa extract and botanical oils — each upholding a detrimental role in the scalp detoxing process. The baobab and basil functions as the serums antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, actively protecting the scalps natural moisture balance. In order to further healthy hair growth, the moringa extract steps in and nourishes your follicles by promoting microcirculation. Lastly, by carefully ridding the hair of oils, sweat and product residue, the added botanical oils create an area for growth and protect the hair from surrounding environmental factors. If you want to have sturdy, soft hair, this formula made by ACT + ACRE is perfect for you. 

3. Nutrafol Women Hair Growth Supplement

Carefully created for those individuals suffering from unhealthy hair, the Womens Hair Growth Supplement created by Nutrafol effortlessly repairs thinning, dead hair by working against damaging life factors like stress, lack of sleep and more. This dietary supplement stands as a 2021 New Beauty Winner because of its excellent ingredients, fast results and easy-to-use design. Acting as an additive to your daily wellness routine, the supplements uses a proprietary formula that targets the internal imbalances that cause hair thinning. Ingredients like Synergen Complex  and Sensoril Ashwagandha reduce the detrimental effects of stress, hormone imbalances and more on your hair. For proven hair growth and improvement, try this outstanding supplement by Nutrafol today. 

4. Ceremonia Scalp Massager

While giving your scalp the essential nutrients it needs to be nourished and thriving, a scalp massager is also necessary for improving the overall state of your hair. When used properly, this scalp massager created by Ceremonia uses dynamic cushions and bristles to stimulate blood flow and carefully exfoliate the scalp during your washes. Because of the products strategic structure, the massager effectively lifts sebrum and product filler out of the scalp and promotes the distribution of the hairs natural oils. This process controls many pesky factors like the common occurrences of flakiness, oils and irritation that the human scalp tends to suffer from. Functioning as a best seller and featured in Vice, Vogue, InStyle and Byrdie, this product is something you don’t want to ignore when it comes to achieving healthy, naturally nourished hair. 

5. The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair Density

Achieving fuller hair with a healthier appearance doesn’t always mean you have to break your bank. The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density is an extremely affordable and effective hair growth serum that can be picked up at your local beauty store. While many other serums require a common wash and rinse routine, this one functions as a leave-in formula that feels lightweight and unnoticeable during your day time activities. Formulated with the key ingredients of caffeine, biotinoyl tripeptide-1 and larix europaea wood extract, this water-based formula nourishes your hair and roots, giving you the admirable shine and fullness your locks deserve. 

6. Scorolash Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum

With excellent social media and customer reviews, the Scorolash Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum is a hit for those wanting extra long lashes and thick, healthy brows. Clinically tested with independent studies showing a 99% success rate, this product is proven to grow your lashes noticeably longer within only 3 weeks. Formulated with cucurbita pumpkin seed extract, panax ginseg extract and swertia japonica extract, this oil-free peptide delivers nutrients to your hairs follicles. With reviews this excellent, trying this affordable and effective product is definitely a considerable option. 

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7. DIME Boost Bundle

For a more luxurious method to eyelash boosting, the DIME Boost Bundle uses a unique peptide blend to deliver noticeably fuller eyelashes and brows. Including a separate brow and eyelash serum, this product works well when applied twice a day and directly to your lashes roots. With a cruelty free production and a history of making over a million users content and satisfied with their purchase, the DIME Boost Bundle is a considerable investment for those seeking longer lashes and brows! 

8. GRO Brow Serum by Vegamour

While Vegamour already holds an outstanding hair growth serum, their brow serum is quite reputable as well. Made with similar ingredients and including the noted polyphytobase complex with active phytomolecules, biotin and zinc, this brow serum has a strong upperhand over others. To create healthy hair follicles, these formulated ingredients are essential and incredibly nourishing. With the simple daily application of the GRO Brow Serum, users are promised to see fulfilling results within only 30 days. 

Obtaining an overall healthy hair status can be challenging, but finding the most effective daily serums and products that work for you is the key. Next time you stop by your local beauty store, feel free to check out some of these top-rated, best selling hair growth products! 

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