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8 Easy Exercises To Do While Watching Netflix

After a long day of running errands, class and work, I’m sure lacing up your sneakers to hit the gym does not sound appealing, whatsoever. If only laying in bed all day while watching Netflix counted as exercise. Well, who said it doesn’t?  Here are ten effective, yet easy exercises you can perform on your bed, with your favorite Netflix series on in the background!

1. Pillow Sit Ups

Lay flat on your back, with a pillow nestled between your knees, and your arms crossed behind your head. Take a deep breathe in as you pull in your core, then exhale slowly as you lift your torso towards your feet and knees toward your head. Lower your body one vertebrate at a time and do three sets of ten to really tighten your core.

2. Circle of Fire

Lay on your back with your knees bent. Begin with your right leg elevated off the bed and rotate it out in a wide circle, making sure to keep your leg straight. When you level your leg with your hip, bring it up perpendicular to your body and lower it back down to where you began. Circle your leg in slow motion with full control five times, then reverse the direction. When you get to ten completed circles of fire, switch to the other leg. Do each leg twice. FEEL THE BURN.

3. Cliff Hangers

Okay, you may have to get off of your bed for this one, but once your feet hit the floor, I promise you don’t have to move much further. While your feet are firmly planted on the ground, lower your bottom as if you were about to take a seat. When your legs hit about 90 degrees, return to a standing position. Do 20 of these to really feel those glutes working.

5. Basketballs

On your back, with your legs extended, lift them off the bed about four inches up. Begin drawing a basketball with your toes, with your legs in the air. Do ten and switch directions, then repeat twice more.

6. Butterflies

If there’s one thing I hate when I binge-watch shows on Netflix, it’s that my legs fall asleep. What better way to keep them awake by doing butterflies?! Put your feet together while your sitting up. Move your knees up and down for three set of fifteen. In-between sets, stretch your torso and arms over your legs and hold your body down for ten seconds. Inhale as you go down and exhale when you rise back up.

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7. Pretzels

While lying on your back, keep your knees bent and feet flat. Use your abs to pull you up into sitting position and twist your torso to reach one arm behind opposite knee. Inhale when you sit up and exhale when you lie back down. Do three sets of fifteen for each side. You’ll feel as twisted as a pretzel when you’re done with this exercise.

8. Body Bends

Sit at the end of your bed and grip the edge for stability. Bring your knees to your chest, squeezing them together and keeping your core tight. Lean back as you extend your legs to a 45-degree angle. Hold that position (which should look like a V) for 15 seconds. Slowly return to your starting position. Do this 20 times.
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