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8 DIY Canopies Perfect For Your Dorm

8 DIY Canopies Perfect For Your Dorm

A really fun way to decorate your dorm is with a DIY canopy! We have 8 simple canopies that will give your room a really elegant look!

Decorating your dorm room is one of the most exciting parts about going back to school. It’s the space where you’ll spend most of your time—hanging out, studying, watching Netflix—so you want to make it as “you” as possible. It is important that your space serves as an extension of yourself so that you feel at home while on campus. To make the most of it, here are 8 DIY canopy ideas that you need to try this fall.

Affordable and Elegant

Using a dowel and some sheer curtain paneling, attach the canopy to the ceiling with thumbtacks if your school allows it. This creates a elegant little hideaway.

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Faux Four Poster

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a canopy fit for a princess, this tutorial is for you. Using a (painted) branch, string, 3M strips and curtains, you can create a simple and chic canopy.


Tapestry Canopy

If your vibe is a little more bohemian, make your canopy out of a tapestry. This tutorial shows you how to use the tapestry above your bed to make your space feel airy and relaxed.

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Light It Up

To make your canopy brighter and dreamier, use fairy lights and sheer tulle. This tutorial is a perfect way to create a luxurious DIY canopy.

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Canopies can be a little much for those of us who don’t like to feel closed in. To make a more minimalist DIY canopy, check out these ideas. The first is a different take on the four poster bed, using two rings at the end of the bed to hold up sheer curtains and fairy lights.

The second minimalist DIY canopy serves as more of a headboard than a canopy, but still makes a major impact on the space.

 8 DIY Canopy Ideas for Your Dorm Room this fall

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If being a hipster means you have to pass up on making a DIY canopy for your dorm, I won’t accept it. These two tutorials are perfect for alternative canopies to up the cool factor in your dorm room. The first is a tried-and-true way of creating the canopy feel by using a hoop and tulle.

The second tutorial uses an exposed branch as a focal point of the draped curtains to give it a folksy feel. To create this look, you’ll need 3M hooks, sheer fabric and a branch.

Have you ever made a DIY canopy? Leave us tips in the comments!


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