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8 Clothing Brands That Will Upgrade Your Closet

8 Clothing Brands That Will Upgrade Your Closet

8 Clothing Brands That Will Upgrade Your Closet

Buying clothes for yourself is something that everyone needs to do, obviously. But, who likes to shop at the same store every time? These clothing brands will help upgrade your closet and make sure that you are always in style. Even if you fill your closet with basic clothes that can be worn every day, these clothing brands will make sure that your style while basic and full of staple items, it is still trendy.

1. Aritzia

Aritzia’s clothes are items that should be in your closet. Aritzia is for the woman who is business casual during the day and wants to throw on a cute crop top and an oversized jacket at night. Their clothing is durable and very cute. They have everything that you need to complete an entire outfit that will make you feel confident without a doubt. When you walk into Aritzia, you are bound to walk out of the store with at least one thing. If you are not in the market for a business or going out clothes, they have great sweats and sweatshirts that are sure to catch your eye. You could get the TNA boyfriend hoodie, the sweats, or treat yourself to the entire sweatsuit. No matter what you choose from the store, Aritzia will help vamp up your closet with clothes that will last you a long time.

2. Joah Brown

Joah Brown has very similar clothes to Aritizia. The basic clothes but when styled properly look so formal. Joah Brown is a great place to get your bodysuits, tank tops, bralettes, you name it Joah Brown has it. They also have these beautiful neutral colors that their clothes come in. That is what makes them so desirable because when neutral-colored clothing items are so easy to wear and are something that you can wear every day. Joah Brown is more expensive clothing, but the durability and the amount that you will wear it makes it worth the price. You could pair one of their pieces with high-waisted jeans and a blazer or a pair of sweatpants. Their clothing provides endless options of outfits for you.


3. Zara

Zara gives you the bang for your buck. They have the best bodysuits, tank tops, sweaters, anything you could imagine they have. They truly are like an upscale Forever 21, but you can avoid all the horrible sayings on the clothes. You can truly get so much at Zara which is what makes them so special. The clothes that you get from there also will end up being things that you were constantly because they are so comfortable. It is a great brand that people can afford. They have chic, professional clothing that won’t break the bank. The outfits that you can come up with before you even leave the store are endless.

4. Free People

Everyone knows about Free People. It is a great brand that has street clothes and athletic wear, Free People Movement. All of their clothes are nothing short of amazing. What makes the brand so cool is that it is all so unique. There are not many other places that have clothing like Free People, this makes Free People stand out and why their clothing will seriously upgrade your closet. If the patterns and colors are not your vibe, then they have great basic tank tops, tees, and jeans that can amp up your style. They also have cute sweatshirts that are stylish so that you can be comfortable while still looking like you put effort into your outfit. Who doesn’t love a cheat day like that? Free People has beautiful clothing that will impress anyone while wearing it. It is so unique and out of the ordinary that it will make people stare at your outfit in awe.

 5. Boyish Jeans

Boyish Jeans has some of the best denim in the game. It is durable and reliable. While denim prices can seem steep, when you spend the extra money to get a nice pair of jeans, you are met with denim that will last you a long time. Over time, denim only gets better. It starts to get worn in and fit to the shape of your body. Truthfully, no one can have too many pairs of jeans. Boyish Jeans does a good job of keeping the tried and true denim that you can wear every day and your trendier denim that is reserved to impress when you hit the town. What’s also nice about Boyish Jeans is that they don’t only have denim. They have jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, etc. Just in case you need something to grab on your way out to complete your outfit.

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6. Revolve

Revolve truthfully has everything you need. They have a multitude of clothing brands on their website so you can find everything you want in one place. Their clothes are more catered to the going out scene so it’s cute cocktail dresses and fun tops. They do have other clothing that you can wear more every day, but if you want to get the trendier fun clothes, go to Revolve.

7. Skims

When you think of Skims, you think of shapewear. However, Skims clothes can be worn in so many different ways while making you feel comfortable and secure. Skims has many different collections that can meet the needs of those you want to lounge or those who want that business casual look. Being in majority of neutral tones, these items can become something that you wear every day and not feel underdressed. The quality of the clothing is very durable and soft so you will feel comfortable pairing your clothes with jeans or going for Kim K’s look of a bodysuit and a pair of sweats.


8. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is like if Free People and Urban Outfitters had a baby. They have chunky sweaters and corduroy jeans with booties that you can pair with them. It is all so cute and effortless and truthfully no matter what you pair together it makes sense. Anthropologie has clothes that will last you forever and you will always want to wear it because it is so fun.

What clothing brands do you have in your closet that you think everyone else should? Let us know!