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8 Chef YouTubers To Up Your Kitchen Game

Youtube is a great platform for learning new skills and passions, why not use it to learn your way around the kitchen? There are tons of foodie and cooking channels on the platform, however here are the best 8 chef YouTubers to Up Your Kitchen Game!

1. Joshua Weissman

Josue Weissman, whose YouTube channel is under the same name, is a former chef turned YouTube food content creator! He’s the one you want to go to for aesthetically pleasing videos with amazing B-roll and, not to mention, great recipe ideas! He’s most known for his “But Cheaper” series and “But Better” series. In “But Cheaper”, he takes mouth-watering dishes and makes them at home for a few bucks per portion! My ultimate favorite and go-to date night meal is his $3 Dollar Homemade Ramen. It’s filling, delicious, pretty easy to make, and for $3 a pop, it’s a no-brainer. In “But Better”, he takes classic fast-food faves and makes them at home, and they always turn out better than their original counterpart. If you love Starbucks but don’t love the price tag, he has you covered with a “But Better” version of Starbucks drinks!

2. Pick Up Limes

Vegan or vegetarian anyone? If so, Pick Up Limes is definitely for you! Run by Sadia, who is a graduated dietitian, Pick Up Limes is THE vegan recipe channel to follow if you enjoy easy, cheap, quick vegan meals that are both beautiful and satisfying. Sadia’s creative recipes are definitely head-turners. She incorporates vibrantly colored fresh fruits and vegetables along with healthy grains and delicious spices to create incredible meals. Not to mention the snacks! My favorite is the Frozen Yogurt Breakfast Bars she makes in her Meal Prep For Breakfast video. Also, can we get a thumbs up for her astonishingly beautiful kitchen?

3. Babish Culinary Universe (Binging with Babish)

Andrew Rea, the chef and creative mind behind the Babish Culinary Universe, is, without a doubt, a genius in the kitchen. His channel features everything from cooking and recipe basics (called Basics with Babish), to more complex and decadent meals (hello, date night), to recreating meals from tv and film (his most popular videos!). You can find most meals and snacks from your favorite tv and film on his channel. Love the classic tv show Friends? Why not try making Monica’s Candy? Want a party snack that is fun for both the adults and the kiddos? You should try making the Tortilla Chip Sombrero from Despicable Me 2! Next on my kitchen to-do list is Binging with Babish’s Sticky Buns.

4. AvantGarde Vegan

Even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, don’t ignore the Avantgarde Vegan! Gaz Oakley’s recipes are so rich and decadent that you won’t even miss the meat. Plus, his recipes are usually high in protein, so you’ll still get good nutritional content. The Avantgarde Vegan, who is a classically trained chef, turns typical meat-centered meals into vegan delicacies such as vegan gravy and vegan katsu curry (yum!). Plus, if you’re starting to transition into veganism and you’re finding it difficult to quit meat or meat products, Gaz has plenty of meat-inspired recipes that can make your transition that much easier and tastier! Recently, Gaz opted for an outdoor kitchen, which makes for more green and aesthetically pleasing videos– they’re extremely relaxing.

5. Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit is one of the most fun cooking YouTube channels out there. They feature a variety of chefs with different specialties trying out new recipes, kitchen hacks, meal challenges, and all sorts of things that will leave you curious, inspired, and, most of all, hungry! My favorite series from Bon Appétit has to be Gourmet Makes, hosted by pastry chef Claire Saffitz. She’s incredibly funny and skilled in the kitchen. In her show, she focuses on making gourmet versions of junk food favorites. Gourmet Girl Scout cookies, anyone? Pro tip: if you’re ever hosting a boozy dinner party, want to make romantic dinner date night, or just want to have a luxurious night in, check out Bon Appétit’s Wine Tasting with André Mack series! There you will find fun, informative videos about wine, hosted by a professional sommelier!

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6. Peaceful Cuisine

Hosted by Ryoya Takashima, Peaceful Cuisine is a Japanese-based YouTube channel (don’t worry, English subtitles and recipes are available) that combines delicious international recipes that fit a variety of dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more) with relaxing ASMR. The soft music, the beautiful kitchen, and appliances–it’s all so satisfying and pleasing to watch! His recipes aren’t 20-minute meals, however, the effort is definitely worth it! If you’re a desserts fan, especially an ice cream lover, I’d recommend that you check out his ice cream recipes. He has a large selection of ice cream recipes featuring decadent flavors, such as mocha fudge, matcha, black sesame, and many more! Best of all, most, if not all, of his ice cream recipes are vegan!

7. Outdoor Chef Life

This is the man to follow if you absolutely love seafood! Chef Taku dedicates his time to fishing, foraging, and then making mouth-watering meals with his bounty!  Taku will teach you everything you need to know from when you catch a fish up until platting and dishing it up. Let’s not forget his foraging skills! You might not be too comfortable with picking food from the wild, but Taku guides you on how to pick through and choose the best foods available, and how to cook them appropriately and safely. Plus, the natural scenery in his videos is absolutely breathtaking, just for that he deserves the views!

8. Something’s Burning

Something’s Burning isn’t a YouTube cooking channel per se, rather it’s a cooking series under the All Thing Comedy YouTube channel. However, it’s so good that it made it onto this list! It’s hosted by Bert Kreischer, and it features comedians like Bill Burr, Bryan Callen, Whitney Cummings, and many more cooking up delicious comfort foods like pizza and bacon burgers while talking about life, food, and comedy.

Do you like any of these chef YouTubers? Do you follow any that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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