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8 Body Positive Lingerie Brands To Check Out

Sometimes, shopping for lingerie can be a stressful time when looking for the perfect fitting bra and comfortable fabrics. Here are 8 Body Positive Lingerie Brands To Check Out that support body inclusivity while representing your best, sexiest self!

It’s hard to argue how intimidating it is to go shopping for bras when you were once surrounded by photos of every body type except your own. You can find yourself constantly comparing your body to others, whether you want to or not. As a female myself, growing up in a society that once focused on promoting the “perfect body” with lingerie brands such as Victoria’s Secret was once very challenging. However, today there are a large number of brands who focus on providing a wide range of sizes to fit every shape. These brands are completely changing the way young girls see themselves, showing that EVERY body is beautiful, and there’s no such thing as the ideal size or shape. Lingerie is a staple piece of clothing that affects everyone, so it should be made for everyone too! These 8 brands are making an important impact on how we view our bodies today, changing the game when it comes to lingerie.

1. Lonely Label

This body positive brand ranges in sizes A-GG and creates beautifully crafted lingerie sets for all. They offer full service fittings, so you can find a bra that fits perfectly. Lonely Label has a meaningful mission, with a goal to help their customers express their own unique beauty by accepting and rocking their image. Their lingerie is super girly, delicate and sexy, embracing lots of intricate lace designs that look stunning on any body. They work to provide high quality, durable pieces that are worth the cost.

8 Body Positive Lingerie Brands To Check Out

2. Savage X Fenty

I mean, who doesn’t love Rihanna? Between creating a top quality making brand to expanding to lingerie, she really can do it all. Rihannas brand Savage X Fenty has become one of the top selling body positive lingerie brands that truly embraces fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity. She has been said to “disrupt the lingerie industry” by designing affordable bras, underwear, sleep and lounge wear for any and every woman. Savage X Fenty has also recently added their men’s shop, since men deserve exceptional pieces as well. Rihanna has truly redefined the world of lingerie, while standing up for causes that matter. In addition to her retail brand, she also puts on incredible fashion shows that capture the true powerful essence of the brand.

3. ThirdLove

When it comes to body positive lingerie brands, ThirdLove goes above and beyond to create lingerie that is meant to make you feel comfortable, in more ways than one. Their motto states, “Let’s trade bad bras, sub-par workout gear, and lackluster sleepwear for pieces that your body loves being in,” which I couldn’t agree with more. The brand supplies a huge size range, from A to I cup, showing how much they care about finding the right size for everyone. They also partner with organizations such as I Support the Girls, Soles4Souls, Good360, and St. Anthony’s, while remaining the largest undergarment donor in the US.

4. Harlow & Fox

If there’s anything Harlow & Fox does best, it’s offer luxurious lingerie for women with a larger bust. This brand proves that luxury and glamour does not see any shape or size, but works as a way to empower women because you deserve to feel expensive whenever you want. The beautifully vintage bras come in sizes ranging from DD-G cup, catering to those women who experience the frustration of never finding their size in store. Harlow & Fox shows that you can value comfort while still looking glamorous and sexy.

5. Made Trade

Bra construction is a tedious process, not always used with the most sustainable materials. However, the brand Made Trade is changing this idea by crafting ethical, sustainable lingerie that is designed to be embraced by every body type. Made Trade stays “ethically elevated,” by caring about fair wages above profits, sustainability above mass production, and quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption. They only work with ethically made fabrics and goods that have been responsibly sourced. Not to mention they are also a fully woman owned and family run company, designed by people of color. The brand values diversity, inclusiveness, and caring for our planet, while remaining one of my favorite body positive lingerie brands.

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6. Parade

Parade is a must to check out if you’re in need of some new lingerie that is ultra-soft and sustainably made, at a low price! They have basics, including their lingerie in sizes XS-3XL. Parade has made it their goal to rewrite the American underwear story by carefully listening to the needs and wants of their customers. They also donate 1% of their sales to organizations devoted to access to sexual education, reproductive rights, and gender-affirming therapy. Sustainability is key at Parade, using only certified recycled fabrics and composable packaging. Parade works to change the misconceptions about the ideal body meant for lingerie modeling, because lingerie is worn by EVERYONE!!

7. Aerie

Aerie is probably one of the most well known body positive lingerie brands, as it is found all over malls around the world. The brand has seriously changed their game over the past couple years and I am so here for it. Aerie has a commitment to staying “Aerie Real,” using women of all body types, ages, races, and more to model their products. They also take pride in the concept of no retouching on their photos, showing women that looking the way you are is perfectly more than okay. Their lingerie and lounge wear are designed for movement and comfort, transforming into not only a lingerie company but also a lifestyle brand.

8. Azura Bay

Azura Bay understands the love/hate relationship with bra shopping, but wants to change it into something positive and fun, as it should be! They carry a variety of ethical brands, as well as their own Azura Bay organic cotton collection, who work to treat their employees with respect, fair wages and safe and positive work environments. Their brand supports zero photoshop or editing of their pictures, showing how women should feel comfortable as their natural self.

It’s time that we change the way we look at how lingerie was once perceived  and show that it is meant for all!

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