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’70s Summer Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Season

’70s Summer Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Season

'70s Summer Fashion Trends You'll See Everywhere This Season

’70s summer fashion trends have taken over 2020! But no need to panic, we are here to help you navigate these styles. Here’s our list of ’70s-inspired looks that you should totally get on board with!

Denim Dresses

Jean dresses were all the rage back in the ’70s and they’re all the rage now. You’ll see several celebrities rocking this type of dress, and for good reason. Denim is one of the top ’70s summer fashion trends that has made a comeback and is now featured on the runway and at Coachella.

Satin Slips

This is one of those fashion trends that I never would have guessed is from the ’70s! But alas, these beautiful and sexy long dresses are definitely a throwback but look great regardless of what time period they are in.


Bra Tops

Sexy and fun, this ’70s summer fashion trend has been back and in action since last year, and I don’t think it is going anywhere any time soon. I’ve seen many celebrities wearing these on the red carpet looking nothing less than exceptional.

Over The Knee Boots

Back in the ’70s, over the knee boots were a giant fashion trend, and for good reason. These boots do in fact keep you warm and, as an added bonus, are insanely fashionable. But just because they keep you warm doesn’t mean they are not great for summer. Just ask Ariana Grande! She has been ahead of the game for as long as we can remember, but now we can truly appreciate her style and how in-tune with the ’70s she is.

Retro Bags

Retro bags are back in the game and they are here to stay. This type of bag is stylish, funky, and stylish. I’d highly recommend rocking this type of bag if you’re looking to try something new this year!


Flower Crowns

Of all the ’70s summer fashion trends, this has been by far my favorite thing to have made a comeback this year. Those who wore flower crowns were universally known as a “flower child” back in the ’70s. Nowadays, putting a flower in your hair is aesthetically pleasing while easy to replicate. Instagram is full of modern-day hippies matching their eyeshadow color to their flower crowns! I appreciate the creativity behind this fashion trend and I am very glad it is back.

Over The Knee Socks

Here is yet another trend I’m glad exists! Over the knee socks have been featured on multiple models on multiple runways, including Milan’s spring collection during fashion week last year. Over the knee socks are easy to pair with any mini-dress and come in a variety of colors that can match any outfit.


Overalls are one of the many outfits that have truly become a staple in nearly everyone’s closet, including mine. Overalls are just plain fun and do not take much consideration on what to pair with it if you are in a hurry to get out the door. If you haven’t tried wearing a pair, I’d highly recommend giving it a shot this year.


Tie-Front Tops

Cute, fashionable, and perfect to wear during the summer considering how breezy and light they are. This is one of the many ’70s summer fashion trends that I’m in support of due to how well these tops go with just about any bottom you pair it with.

Suede Skirts

After doing a little research, suede skirts were apparently one of the few clothing pieces in the ’70s that were perfectly acceptable work-wear. Now, they are back and are worn down the runway. These skirts are also still acceptable office wear that lets people know you are in charge, but also extremely fashionable.

Platform Shoes

If you are looking to grow a few inches this summer, then these are just the shoes for you! Whether they are subtle or five inches high, platform shoes are certainly back in style.

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Long-Sleeved Mini Dresses

Long-sleeved mini dresses have become a sensational ’70s summer fashion trend this year! This classic and flirty look is perfect for warm weather, while still giving off modest vibes.


Thankfully, jumpsuits are making a comeback this summer. Dresses are great to wear during the summer heat, but jumpsuits take it up a notch to a formal and professional look while still ensuring you stay cool with loose flowing pants.


Maxi Skirts

For those of you who do enjoy wearing skirts, then this ’70s inspired piece of clothing is just for you. These long, flowy, maxi skirts are the perfect thing for everyone who wants to feel free and unencumbered during those hot summer days. Throw on some sandals and a crop top to go with it and you’ll look as if you’ve just come out of a ’70s fashion catalog.

Scarves And Bandanas

These trendy little accessories are so versatile that it makes it hard to resist wearing them. The number of outfits they can be paired with is endless! Not only do they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but they can also be worn in plenty of different styles on your body. While scarves tend to usually be more of a winter accessory, throw them in your hair for summer nights!


When I think of tie-dye, I think back to the days in elementary school when my teachers told me to bring in a white t-shirt to school the next day in order to create fun tie-dye patterns on them. But now, this colorful pattern is far more than just a fun craft idea. Tie-dye is a trend that was born in the ’60s and lived well into the ’70s. Now it’s back again and being showcased on Prada models and the runway.


Which ’70s summer fashion trends were your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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