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7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out in the Winter

7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out in the Winter

Whether you biked, ran, hiked or played beach volleyball, you had fun while working out in the summer. Now that winter is quickly approaching, your workouts don’t have to stop or become boring! Here are some ways to stay motivated to work out while the weather may be colder than your water bottle!

1. Find inspiration on Pinterest

A great place to find information about health and taking care of your body is Pinterest. Pinterest has countless workouts and quotes to keep you inspired and working hard in the winter months, to get the body you’ve always wanted.


2. Workout indoors

Who said you had to leave your dorm building to work out? Most dorms offer mini gyms inside for residents. This really comes in handy when you need somewhere to blow off some steam and don’t want to use the main rec center that is a snowy hike away. A huge advantage to these gyms is that they’re mostly under-used. This means you can work out in sweaty peace without leaving your building. If your dorm doesn’t have a gym onsite, your dorm room works just as well (well maybe not JUST as well). There are tons of routines (that again, you can find on Pinterest) made for people working with small areas and little equipment.

workout indoors!

3. Participate in group classes

University rec centers offer group fitness classes where you can hang out with your friends in a fun environment. These fitness centers offer many classes from basic cycling to insanity to yoga…but Zumba is my favorite. The fact that you’ll be participating with a group of friends makes braving the cold to get there SO worth it!


participate in group workouts

4. Start a structured program

It’s tricky to find a program out there worth the money and time. With so many scams in the fitness industry, it’s tricky to find a valid program that works for you. Kayla Itsines is an Australian-based personal trainer whose program, Bikini Body Guide, helps women to lose inches in just twelve weeks. I’ve seen results from her guide and highly recommend it! Last winter, she helped me learn about health and fitness and it has changed my life. I am restarting her program and am looking forward to fantastic results! Guides like hers can help motivate you to be consistent, because they offer day-by-day workouts.



5. Schedule your workouts

Write down each day and time you plan on squeezing in workouts. Seeing it in your planner, or as a reminder on your phone will make you more likely to do it. Remember this quote:

“Think of your workouts as important meetings with yourself, bosses don’t cancel!”

make time to exercise!

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6. Get a support system

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and are also interested in healthy living. Tell your family members about your goals and have them help keep you on track. Work out with friends and try to push each other, even on those days neither of you feel like working out. You can also follow people on social media, like Instagram, that promote a healthy lifestyle….talk about FITSPO!

have a support system

7. Find motivational quotes

I love reading a quote about how every workout counts, because it really keeps me inspired. Find quotes that give you inspiration to lace up your running shoes in 30 degree weather. Print out quotes and tape them above your desk or mirror to motivate yourself to work for your summer body in the cold months.


find motivational quotes

Good luck with your healthy habits this winter, and go hard in your workouts to get a healthy and happy body!

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