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7 Ways To Keep Good Grades In High School After Your College Acceptance

Okay so I think everyone must acknowledge the fact that senioritis is most definitely a thing. And everyone gets it because it is really, really contagious. Especially second semester of senior year in high school; most everyone has been accepted to college already and are just waiting for graduation day so that the next chapter of their lives (cheesy but oh well) can begin. But listen up: just because you’ve been accepted into college does not mean that you can drop the ball with good grades.

Despite popular belief, the second semester of high school is still important. Personally, I know that the University of Idaho looks at how your grades turn out at the end of year for scholarships and I was also competing for valedictorian when I was in high school, so I had to keep my GPA up. I couldn’t let senioritis get the best of me and you shouldn’t either! These are seven ways that I kept good grades in high school even after being accepted into college and I hope they’re helpful!


1. Find something to keep you motivated.

For me that motivation came with being in the run for valedictorian. I actually had no other choice but to continue working my hardest when it came to my grades unless I didn’t want valedictorian at all. Luckily I did want it, so that wasn’t an issue. Having something that kept me motivated throughout second semester really helped me. Whatever it is for you, trying to get that good GPA to get an honors cord to walk with at graduation, or because your college requires it, or just because you want to feel like you ended on a good note, try to find something to motivate you. It will definitely help you get through those tough days where you feel like doing absolutely nothing.

2. Remember it isn’t just about the grades.

When I was going through that last semester of high school, I was just like everyone else thinking that these classes weren’t important any more. But just because you’re not going to be in high school anymore doesn’t mean that the information that you’re learning is no longer important. It is you guys. College is built off of the stuff you learn in high school, even that very last semester. So pay attention in class! And typically when you do that and also study you’re going to get good grades anyway.


3. Plan ahead and use your time wisely.

Okay, so there are going to be a lot of fun things happening second semester. From weekend hangouts to prom, tons of stuff is going to be happening. Once second semester rolls around, everyone is basically going to start being friends with everyone, and that leads to a lot of fun. But keep in mind that you have to use and plan your time wisely so that your grades don’t suffer while you’re out having a good time in that last semester!

4. Treat Yoself.

Sometimes those tests can be really hard to get through, more so than they have been before. But you have to study for them to continue to do well in school. So on those study nights, treat yourself. I’m serious. Set a timer for how long you want to study for a certain subject or test and study until the timer goes off. So let’s say like thirty minutes to an  hour, and then when you’re done take a break-or eat a candy bar-or whatever it is that makes you happy. And then get back to it and you’ll be happier while you continue to study.


5. Communicate with your teachers.

Most people have their one favorite teacher that they talk to and that they like, but really you should always talk to all of your teachers. The better the bond that you have with your teachers, the better your grades will be. Not because they’re going to help you cheat the system or cheat on papers, but because they’ll be able to help you understand the material better. And if you have questions about anything, they will be more willing to answer them and go out of their way to make sure you understand what’s going on. And when that happens, your grades can only improve and you can only get better at learning and understanding the material.

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6. Pretend as if you haven’t been accepted yet.

Okay, so yes, you probably have been accepted to hopefully the university of your choice. But when it comes to grades and motivation to continue to succeed in your last semester, it’s actually sometimes helpful to pretend that you haven’t been accepted yet. If you do this then you’ll kind of trick yourself into believing that you’re still working for that GPA or that scholarship, or whatever else that has to do with getting into a university. So you’ll keep on going and trying and your grades will still be good until the very last day of your high school career.

7. Get enough SLEEP!

This one isn’t very creative, but it’s super duper important. I know when I was in high school, my sleeping schedule wasn’t the best, so sometimes I would have difficulty paying attention in class. The more you sleep the better you’ll do because you won’t be falling asleep in senior calculus when you should be taking notes. Plus, this tip is important for college too, because having a good sleeping schedule down earlier is great for when you’re at college and are even busier than you are as a senior in high school.

Alright, well those are the seven best tips that I can think of that helped me in my last semester of senior year. Remember to not give up because those grades are worth it in the end!

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