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7 Ways To Beat The Sunday Scaries

7 Ways To Beat The Sunday Scaries

The weekend is always everyone’s favorite part of the week. But no one likes Sunday night. You know that feeling in your stomach you get, realizing that tomorrow is Monday and you have about 1,382,945 things to do this week? AKA: The Sunday Scaries. Here are some ways to fend off those post weekend blues…and maybe even look forward to Sunday evenings!

1. Organize your planner.

Write down all of your assignments, tests, and meetings you have going on during the week. This will make the next 5 days a lot less stressful if you make a plan of attack ahead of time. After I write it all down, I like to look at it for a few minutes so my schedule is also in my mind and I am not totally clueless when I wake up on Monday.

2. Clean your room.

Yes, like it or not, a great way to beat the Sunday scaries is to make your living situation a little more…well, livable. The actual cleaning part isn’t going to be fun, but afterwards you’ll feel so much better, especially if you have an extra stressful or busy week ahead. While you’re cleaning, make sure you have plenty of clean clothes so you don’t have to worry about doing laundry during the week, too.


3. Relax.

After getting organized, take some time to relax before everything gets hectic. Lay in bed while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix or listening to the “Relax and Unwind” playlist on Spotify. Nothing beats the Sunday scaries like a little R&R.

4. Sweat it out.

Exercising can help take the stress of the upcoming week off of your mind for a little bit. Put in your headphones, enjoy the spring weather, work up a little sweat and rid yourself of all those toxins you’ve probably accumulated over the weekend.

5. Take a bath.

Take it easy on Sunday nights by getting a good bubble bath in. Light candles and turn on some John Mayer – Sunday isn’t looking so scary after all.

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6. Pick out outfits for the week.

If you have your outfits picked out already, that’s one less task you have to worry about during your busy week. While it can be hard to decide exactly what you’re going to wear for each day, especially if you live in an area where the weather changes all the time, you can at least pick out some pieces of clothing for ideas.

7. Set goals.

Setting goals can help get you motivated for the week. Write a couple of goals on a piece of paper so you can see them. You could also write down motivational quotes and post them on your mirror so every morning when you wake up, you are pumped to conquer the day. Take THAT Sunday scaries!

How do you beat the Sunday scaries? Give us your best advice down below!
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