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The 7 Types of Girls You Meet in College

Once you had left the never ending enclosed circle of high school girl drama, you can’t literally wait to move on to a new chapter of your life. College. Drama between girls always has managed to weave its way in between any friend group, team, theatrical cast, or even most especially within the details and essentials of prom! What I am here to tell you is that the girl drama you once experienced probably will always be there for good. On the other hand, I am here to tell you that college is a totally new experience and you will meet a handful of different girls on campus that you may call your friends or ones you may just see around school. I have summed up 7 types of girls you may meet in college.

1. The Athletes

Around campus you will come across the girls that are athletes. Soccer, basketball, lacrosse, gymnastics, you name it! Just like in high school they live in their own clique. They wake up and go to early lift sessions together, watch film together, play in practice together, study together, and pretty much everything in between! No matter what athletes will be together all the time!  They live and breath for their teammates, their team, and their coaches! Soooo maybe on a nice spring afternoon catch a lacrosse game!

2. The “I LOVE BOYS!” Girls

Yes, there are girls who are absolutely in love with every guy they see out on the night. You may find this girl as your roommate, your best friends, or even yourself! Watch out for the crazy EX’s because these girls have made the guys their property. They will endlessly stock guys on social media, freak out in joys of excitement to the text message of a guy, or fall head over heels in love with the first kiss. So next time when you are out at a party watch out on the certain types of guys you hit on because his ex or the girl that is obsessed with him could be right next to you.

3. The math and science nerds…yes, they still exist!

One thing that has definitely not changed is the nerds! No matter where you go you will always have a portion of campus that rule the school with their intelligence! P.S.-definitely find a nerdy friend, they will be able to help you when you least expect it! They are overly dedicated to their work and they will be thriving in the lab, in the library, in study groups, and throughout every academic class your school has to offer. They are your tutors! Maybe you never thought of having a tutor in college but they will help you! When you’re struggling, go to the students center and find your match!

4. The Sorority Sisters

If your school has Greek life, then you will definitely know a sorority sister when you see one! All decked out in their Greek apparel, they walk around in their own clique just like the athletes do! Possibly a little more girly and pampered, they will play make-over with their make up, help one of their sisters curl their hair, share up to 40 closets of clothing together, and chat in their chapter rooms to endless amounts! These girls would take a bullet for each other. They joined Greek life for a reason and the reason being of finding their home! As one big family they stand in their letters together and literally support each and every one of their sisters backbone with all the strength they have.

5. The Earthy Crunchy

Yes, you know exactly who I am talking about. They live and breathe for nature and are obsessed with natural remedies. They possibly should find a pair of pants that fit below the ankle, maybe wear a bra, or brush their hair too! They are devoted to making the earth healthy and clean again. You may see them on their bike or leaving their dorm to hike one of the most beautiful mountains close to campus. Maybe they could be your best friend or just be an acquaintance but never a bad idea to embrace nature.

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6. The Party Animals

These girls live for the weekend and possibly every night of the week. They love their parties and they love the thought of going out and putting all their worries behind them! You may see these girls rallying every time after their worst hangover until Sunday comes around. They love their alcohol and will always be down for a good time! Trust me you need just one friend like this, because you may end up being her babysitter every night of the weekend if you’re that lucky!

7. Your Best Friends!

You will meet some girls that have the same interests as you I promise! As you make your way around school for the first couple of weeks you will slowly start to find friends. That may be ones you met in class, in your dorm, out on the weekend, etc. You will probably create a group chat with some hilarious name and you guys will depend on each other for advice, help with homework, to meet at the dinning hall, talk about the most pointless things in life, or coffee dates!

Best of luck to you gals as you start to meet the new girls of a new chapter! Yes, there may be drama, they may creep you out, they may be too much of a Barbie, and they may be too much but you never know what to expect! One of these girls could be your best friend by the end of your 4 years!

Did you enjoy reading about the 7 types of girls you meet in college? Any other types of girls you can think of? Just comment below!
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Sam Weckwerth

Samantha is a writer for the UNH chapter of Society19. She is currently a journalism major.

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