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7 Things You Should Never Wear to an Interview

7 Things You Should Never Wear to an Interview

1. Leggings

Ladies please (and a few select men), leave the leggings at home! Unless you’re instructing an exercise class as part of your interview process, nothing says ‘I already don’t take this job seriously’ than a pair of thin, black leggings. If you’re struggling to find a pair of pants and have a tight budget, H&M has a wide variety of pants between $7.99-$25 that range from business to casual. A safe bet is to go with something neutral, that will pair perfectly with any top you choose.

2. UGGs

The classic, fury, bulky UGG boot is a second runner up to the ‘I already don’t take this job seriously’ winner. I know, they’re so comfortable and so hard to separate from, but if you really need them, keep them in your car for the ride home. When you go to an interview you should always dress for the job, and unfortunately for the classic UGG boot, “Netflix and chill” is not a job. If you’re not sure what to wear on your feet, classy flats for the ladies and penny loafers for the guys are always a safe bet.

3. Hats

In the interview setting, wearing a hat is considered rude. It either distracts the interviewer or prevents the two of you from making eye contact. Also make sure you don’t wear a hat before the interview…unless you want to pull a Jade from ANTM Cycle 6 and have a huge imprint on your forehead!


4. Jeans

Even if you will wear them as part of your work attire, staying away from jeans at an interview is smart. They’re casual and comfortable, but not professional.

5. Sneakers

Like with jeans, staying away from sneakers is a definite. If you’re interviewing for a retail or fast-food position, it may be tempting to wear sneakers, but in order to really show the employer that you take the job seriously, you should wear casual fashion shoes at the very least. If you’re going for a corporate or business interview, don’t even think about wearing sneakers! Stick to practical heels, flats, oxfords or loafers.

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6. Thongs

I know — you don’t want anyone to see your underwear lines, right? I totally get it. But trust me, we can see your thong a lot more than you think we can. In the natural course of the young adult life, anything that can go wrong will go wrong — including your thong riding above your pants. Invest in a pair of seamless underwear. If they are the right size, as well as your pants, they will never show and are super comfortable. Uniqlo has some for less than $10 and come in an assortment of colors and patterns!

7. Obvious bras

Ladies, this is an important one for you! It’s very common for women to wear colored bras under a thin or white top. We can see it. Even wearing white under white or black under black is a big No-No. When you wear white under white, or black under black, your bra typically stands out like a sore thumb because it makes the opacity of the fabric seem thicker. Always wear a nude bra under business attire because they rarely ever show.

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