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7 Things Only Students Who Live In Presidential Village at UA Will Understand

Presidential Village. The best dorm on campus, and something comparable to a literal apartment or suite. Not having to endure the pain of community bathrooms, or not  having your own living space, most would say Pres is definitely the move. Thousands of good and bad memories are made in these two buildings, but here are seven things only people who lived here would understand.

1. Having to endure the brutal 20 minute walk to just about everything…

We all know the struggle of getting in the habit of waking up earlier just so you could get to your 8AM class at Reese Phiffer on time. Or not having easy access to getting to your sorority house meals right down the street. Most days would consist of memorizing the Gold 1 or Gold 2 bus schedule, or begging one of your friends to walk to the house with you. On top of this, don’t even get me started on the walk to the parking lot…

2. Having guys either right next door or right down the hall from you.

Whether they lived right next to you, across from you, or a few doors down, these guys were most likely the first friends you made on campus. This was an instant bonus especially when it came to finding a fraternity to go to your first weekend where you knew someone. These guys by the end of the year most likely ended as some of your best friends. However, major downside is not being able to run down the hall to the laundry room in just a tshirt and no bra in fear of a guy walking out any minute.


3. Your closest friends end up being those who live in Presidential Village, too.

The walk to Tutwiler is no doubt a big pain in the ass. Your first month of two you may have just sacrificed because the only girls you knew besides your roommates lived there. However, soon you started forming new bonds with new people and your friend group consisted of people who lived in Pres. This way, you don’t have to run across campus just to get ready, or just have a movie night. Instead, all you have to do is walk a few floors or less.

4. Having RA’s who most likely don’t care.

In all honesty, Pres RA’s really don’t care. Considering there aren’t nearly as many rooms as there are on each floor in Tut, it doesn’t get as loud and noisy, and less people are likely to complain. Plus, on top of this, they live with three freshman so they understand. Most likely they don’t want to yell at you as much as you don’t want to get yelled at.

5. Having a couch for anyone to stay on.

Throughout the year, you’ve had countless amount of people sleep on the couch in the living room. It basically is a guest room for any of your friends. After long, rough nights, maybe they just can’t make it back up to their room. Considering the long couch you have in your living room, you’ve offered it up.

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6. Having Dunkin right down the street.

This is no doubt one of the biggest perks. Dunkin Donuts is right down the road, and they accept dining dollars. On your way to class, you found yourself stopping by and grabbing coffee, or maybe bringing back a box of donuts after all your classes. It’s the perfect place to stop by and grab something quickly.


7. Having three best friends always around you.

Instead of having one roommate to cry to, go out with, get ready with, have movie night with, get advice from, you have three. Getting ready together, having one blasting music as you all sing along to the latest hit in your adorable suite is what your weekend nights consist of. Then you’ll mellow it down during the week, all watch a movie together and order late night dominos. Your roommates are the one you count on to help you through your hardest times, and have a shoulder to cry on. And because of that, you can’t express how thankful you are to have lived in Presidential Village.

What are some other things only students who stayed in Presidential Village will understand? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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