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7 Things NOT To Do In A New Relationship

We all have that one friend who can’t seem to hold onto a guy for more than five minutes (or worse, maybe that friend is you)… Maybe you are asking yourself, “well, why can’t I hold onto a guy?” or “am I doing something wrong?” Keep reading for the answers to these questions. Here are 7 things NOT to do in a new relationship!

1. Text them ten times in a row.

Honestly, you probably shouldn’t even be doing this if you’re already in a long term relationship, unless of course it’s a fun loving joke…but seriously, if your S/O isn’t responding and you have hit them up with 10 “heyyys” take the hint…


2. Be too available.

If every time they ask to hang out you drop everything right away and spring to their place in minutes, things will get old real quick. Keep the mystery going and live your own life too.

3. Crack extremely unfunny jokes.

Everyone loves a good sense of humor, but if you just met this person and are sending weird memes or uncomfortable jokes, it’s time to delete that number before you make an even bigger mess…

4. Act too possessive.

We all get jealous sometimes, but there’s definitely a point when it becomes too much. It’s very unattractive to be too possessive your S/O. For example, if you see your girl talking to another guy or vice versa before going and starting a bf (bitch fit if you’ve never watched white chicks), take a breath, relax, and don’t assume anything right off the bat.

5. Move too fast.

If you just met this person last week and have already arranged for them to meet your parents, slow down. Let things unravel before taking things too seriously. It makes the whole relationship more fun.

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6. Overdo the compliments.

Make them work for it. If you’re showering them with compliments head to toe every second, they will start to think they’re above you. Everyone loves to hear compliments here and there, but overdoing it is definitely a turn off.


7. Take things too seriously.

Lastly, it’s college. Have fun and try not to get too attached right away. In the end if it’s meant to be, it will be, so just let it happen. If it’s forced…it won’t work out for you.

What other things should you NOT do in a new relationship? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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