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7 Things to Love About Texas Tech University

There are many things to love at Texas Tech University, but here are 7 to name a few!

1. Game Days

Wake up. Can you feel it? It’s game day in Raiderland and the atmosphere on campus is exhilarating. Walk into the Jones AT&T stadium and you’ll see everyone ages 0-100 decked out in red and black eager to support our beloved Red Raiders. College football is no joke ladies and gentlemen and here at Tech we take our football very seriously.

2. Our School Spirit

From singing the Matador song loud and proud at the football games to throwing our guns up in almost every single picture we take, our school spirit is endless. We bleed red and black and we know never to back down from a cheer that starts with “Raider!” and ends with “Power!” Sun’s up, guns up!

3. The Football Coach

Kliff Kingsbury. Need I say more?

4. Our “Goin’ Band”

As the oldest student organization on campus, the Goin’ Band from Raiderland is a staple of Texas Tech. This 400-plus group of talented musicians gets everyone pumped during football games and other events throughout the school year.

5. The Rec Center

Our rec center offers a little bit of everything for everyone. The rec is home to a free weight room, an elevated running track, 8 indoor courts, exercise/dance studios, 2 cardio equipment areas, and indoor swimming pools among others. And, you can’t forget about the student leisure pool aka the largest leisure pool on a college campus in the U.S.

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6. Our Beautiful Campus

It’s love at first sight. Tech’s campus is so incredibly breathtaking that I cannot see how anyone would want to go to college elsewhere. How could you not want to see the beautiful Spanish architecture and the abundant amount of flowers in Memorial Circle every day?

7. You’ll always be a part of the Red Raider family.

Nothing can beat that feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself than when you become a member of the Red Raider family. There may be a lot of us but when things get rough, the amount of love and support from your fellow Raiders is overwhelmingly amazing. If there’s one thing I know well it’s that I will always have a home here at Tech.
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Francis Martinez

Francis Martinez is a Journalism major at Texas Tech University. She is fluent in Spanish, loves to eat spicy foods and Luna Smores Bars, and you will often find her watching or attending soccer games. She is left-handed and her two favorite places in the world are Cape Town, South Africa and the neighborhood where she grew up in Texas.

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