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7 Things I Learned From The Cavaliers Playoffs

Born and raised here, Northeast Ohio is my home. I had a great experience with my high school education, and I am get an equally great college education here at Kent State. Growing up, I have always been a sports fan: football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball… it doesn’t matter. I love the adrenaline and excitement that games bring. Considering I am from Northeast Ohio, I was raised a fan of all Cleveland sports teams, including the Cavaliers.

Most Cleveland sports teams were never very good for most of my lifetime, but I still cheered them on regardless. I, along with many other Cleveland fans, have been used to disappointment after disappointment, but on June 19th, 2016, we finally witnessed true greatness. The whole series leading up to Game 7 was an emotional roller coaster, but no matter what, we Cleveland fans kept our heads up and our hopes high. Keep reading for the 7 things I learned from the Cleveland Cavaliers this 2016 Playoffs!

1. No matter what obstacles you may face, if you work hard to overcome adversity, anything is possible.

Being down 3-1 in the finals was a recipe for disaster but in the end the Cavaliers overcame the biggest challenge ever faced, making history along the way.

2. The past is the past and sometimes you just have to let mistakes from the past go in order to grow as a person.

J.R. Smith is a prime example of this. He didn’t let his past get in the way of helping bring Cleveland a championship. Watch his post-game interview here (and make sure you have tissues nearby).

3. Miracles are real.

This doesn’t even need explaining.

4. Nothing is given, everything is earned.

King James said it best in his Coming Home letter- “In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.” Whatever you do and wherever you go in life, you have to work to earn respect and greatness.

5. You can always prove “them” wrong.

No matter what there will always be haters and doubters trying to bring you down. Working hard, staying humble, and keeping blinders to negativity, you can prove anyone doubting your abilities wrong, guaranteed.


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6. Your support system will always be there for you.

One thing I have definitely learned from Northeast Ohio sports (especially this past Playoff Series) is that Cleveland fans are the most dedicated and hopeful people around. Facing so much disappointment, Cleveland fans are always there to cheer on the team(s) just has hard as the previous week or game. Whatever support system you have- family, friends, mentors, etc.- they will always be there cheering you on and that’s the best thing to hold on to.

7. Never lose faith.

Having hope and faith is something Clevelanders have every week when a team gets ready to play. Keeping faith is what made the Cleveland Cavalier community so strong. We should all have faith when life gets hard, and keep it when life is going strong.


Witnessing history is always a unique experience and in the case of the Cavaliers and LeBron James, history was made countless times this past Playoff Series. This team remained strong and proved the world wrong by coming back from a 3-1 deficit. The city of Cleveland (and all of Northeast Ohio) came together because of one basketball team and will forever remember June 19 as the end of the Championship drought. I’m beyond ecstatic for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio and thank the Cavaliers for showing me the positive outcome of hard work, dedication, teamwork, and hope. GO CAVS!

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Breanna Ganuelas

Breanna Ganuelas is a junior Communication Studies major with two minors in Public Relations and Public Communication. When she isn't doing classwork she is hanging out with her Delta Gamma sisters and staying active in various on- and off-campus activities. Outside of Kent State, Bre loves traveling, reading, laughing, adventuring, working out, volunteering, and just goofing off.

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