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7 Signs You’re a California Native at UA

Keep reading for 7 signs you’re a California native at UA!

1. During the first month, you go through a bit of a culture shock.

It is as if the South is a whole new world compared to California.  Fried chicken, pick-up trucks and sweet tea seem to be all over the place.  And “a Yeti?!… What is that? a car??”

2. Quickly, you realize college kids are all pretty similar no matter where you are…

At the end of the day, whichever state you are in, college students aren’t so different.  We all pull all nighters, watch netflix, and like to have fun… even on Mondays sometimes.

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3. You face serious withdrawals from the beach and açai bowls.

The most difficult aspect of California to give up… the beach.  Enough said.

4. You incorporate y’all into your vocabulary.

The first few times you use the word ‘y’all’, you’ll be shocked that it came out of your mouth. But after a short while, you begin to use it regularly.  You come to realize that it is so much more convenient than saying ‘you guys’ all the time.

5.  People ask you regularly if you’re from California, then always: “why did you choose to go to school in Alabama?”

Answers for this question will vary.  However, if people are asking you this, you’re definitely from California.

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6.  When you tell people you are from California, a common response is “wow, you’re so far from home!”

Yes, you are far from home, but it’s a breath of fresh air.  Even though you miss certain aspects of California, you are happy to be experiencing a new place.

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7. You know UA’s Greek life is bigger and better than in California.

Alabama Greek life is absolutely massive. Filled with plenty of houses, large pledge classes and of course the notorious mega mansions.  Simply put, the Greek life at Bama is taken VERY seriously.

What are some other signs you’re a California native at UA? Comment below for our readers and share this article with friends!
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