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7 Reasons Your Mom Is Your Hero

7 Reasons Your Mom Is Your Hero

There are so many reasons your mom is your hero. From birthing you to holding your hand through everything. Here are the 7 most relatable!

No matter what I go through in life—whether it be an identity crisis involving college or a flat tire near the side of the road—my mom has always been there for me.  After my parent’s divorce, we became as close as two people can become.  Think Gilmore Girls sans witty comebacks, but with the caffeine addiction.  Whatever relationship you have with your mother, here are a few reasons your mom is your hero!


1. She will always protect you.

A mother’s maternal instinct is not something to trifle with and is one of the top reasons your mom is your hero.  They are programmed to protect their young, no matter what species they are.  Therefore, your mom is your best line of defense, no matter the situation.

2. She will always hold your hand at the doctor’s.

I am not ashamed that, at 23 years old, I still drag my mom with me to the doctor’s office and have her hold my hand.  Her presence alone is a huge comfort to me, and we always have a great time together.


3. Friends will come and go, but your mom will never leave you.

Even when you want her to, your mother will always stay by your side.  Of course, even when she can’t be with you physically, she will always be with you.  You will always be her baby and she will always respond to your cries for help in whatever way she deems necessary.

4. She is your best wing woman.

When your friends all abandon you for their respective significant others and there is, let’s say, a science festival you want to go to, your mom will push her plans aside to go with you.  If she says no, give her the puppy dog eyes and you got her.

5. She will always be honest with you.

Your mom has your best interest at heart, so she will give you the best advice.  That doesn’t mean her advice will always be what you want to hear.  Honestly, it can be harsh, but you know your mom will have good intentions.  So, at least listen to her advice even if you do not follow it.  She may just give you the perspective you need to make the correct decision, even if it is only whether you should wear that slutty dress to the party.

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6. She knows you better than you know yourself.

Your mom will know what you think even before you do which may make making decisions easier.  She will always get you the best gifts and throw you the best parties.  She can read your emotions as if they are her own and knows exactly what to do to cheer you up if you feel down.  I mean, she has been doing it all your life.

7. She knows that mutual appreciation is the key to a healthy relationship.

The best part of a child-mother bond is that unconditional love between you two.  But more than that, you know your mother is thankful to have you in her life.  While it may take 18 years for you to realize this, you are also grateful that you have someone who will always be there for you and for all of the things she has done.  This mutual appreciation helps build a strong bond, so remember to tell your mom that you see what she does for you, and you are grateful for the life she has given you.

What are some other reasons your mom is your hero? Share in the comments below!
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