7 Good Reasons To Join A Sorority

Have you been considering going Greek for a while and still can’t decide if it’s the right decision for you? Perhaps you already have chosen the Greek life and can appreciate these reasons to join a sorority!

1. The Sisterhood

Being in a sorority gives you the opportunity to meet tons of new girls and make connections that will last a lifetime because you all have your sisterhood in common.  The Sisterhood that comes with being in a sorority is truly a great experience to have especially going through college. You know that you will always have someone there for you no matter what.


2. The Social Life

Of course with Greek life comes the endless amount of parties, exchanges, semi’s, formals, and events  to attend with your sisters. Being able to attend these events with your girlfriends is a great way to make memories, laugh and take cute pictures for Instagram.


3. The Academic Support

Sororities are not only focused on planning events throughout the year to promote their chapter but they are also about encouraging the girls in that sorority to maintain a high collective GPA. They have set study hours and academic meetings to make sure everyone is going to succeed in their classes.

4. The Personal Development

Maybe Greek Life was not your cup of tea in the beginning but give it time and you will see what an impact it has made on your life in a positive way. Being in a sorority will allow you to grow within yourself and find that confidence and courage to go into the real world and rock it. Just give your sorority some time you will see the development you have within yourself.


5. The Lifetime of Friendship

Being in a sorority gives you the opportunity to make friends that will last a lifetime.  It will not matter 5, 10, or 20 years from now you will always have that special bond between your friends and a loyalty to each other.

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6. The Leadership Opportunities

Apply for an executive board position. This will give you the chance to improve upon your leadership skills, time managing skills, and your communicating skills.  Being able to lead is an important skill to have when it comes to dealing with the real world so take your chance and help organize and lead within your sorority.


7. The Memories

And of course, being in a sorority leaves you with tons of memories and no space on your phone anymore because you have too many pictures. Embrace your time with your sisters and have fun because when you look back you want to know that you had a good time.

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Kelsey Wilkes

Kelsey is a Freshman Computer Science major at Louisiana Tech. She is a member of several on campus organizations and in her free time she enjoys reading, writing and yoga. Keep up with her on Instagram @kel_co and Facebook Kelsey Wilkes.

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