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7 Reasons We Can’t Wait To Go Back To UA

7 Reasons We Can’t Wait To Go Back To UA

Every student loves when the traditional school year ends. Summer weather is amazing and there is so much free time. Crazy trips and wild spontaneous nights turn into great stories and hilarious snapchats. However, soon the fun times become stale and we begin missing our UA friends and the campus itself. Here are 7 reasons we can’t wait to get back to campus.


1. The fun atmosphere of UA.

The UA campus gives off positive and happy vibes when students gather on the quad or other areas of campus. With so much going on, you’ll never have to be bored in your dorm room.



2. The football games.

The energy on game day is amazing – it carries all the way from the stadium to the tailgates to the quad.

3. Gaining back a sense of freedom…

We all love being back on campus because we have the chance to grow and experience life without the hovering eye of a parent.


4. …And having your own space.

Your freedom also allows you to have your own space, whether that be a dorm, apartment, or house. You get to make your own decisions and really be an adult.

5. All the fun social events.

Those crazy nights on the strip or at parties are some of the greatest and funniest memories you’ll make.

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6. Being able to use dining dollars instead of your actual money.

When ordering Buffalo Phil’s or Dominoes, it’s somehow so much easier to swipe your Act card than to use your “real” money.


7. Greek life activities.

From rush week, to parties, to sisterhood events, Greek life fun hits an all-time high in the fall.


Summer is always fun for different reasons, but our excitement for school surely can’t be denied. With move-in and classes starting in the next few weeks, college is thankfully almost here again and we can’t wait. Here’s to an even better fall semester! (Which we didn’t think was possible).

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