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7 Perfumes That You Should Have

7 Perfumes That You Should Have

Perfume is so effortless. It is the last thing you put on as you walk out the door and you can never have too many. The bottles are always beautiful and unique as well. One of the best parts about perfume, is that some can bring back memories. Or, they can be associated with people. Everyone can have their signature scent, or at least a solid group of perfumes that they will always have. Sometimes, you need to spend that little extra on perfume because smelling good can also make you feel good.

1. Chanel Mademoiselle

This is definitely on the more expensive side. But the smell is so worth it. This perfume has a clean scent with subtle hints of floral. Described to have beginning notes of orange and jasmine, it gives a very fresh scent. This perfume is great for summer time because the smell of the perfume reminds you of sunshine and brightness. Mademoiselle is a very wearable perfume, you do not need more than two sprays because it is a very strong perfume that will last you most of your day.


2. Chanel Chance

Chanel Chance is another floral scent. It has more of a warm scent to it rather than super clean which gives you a nice alternative if the bright floral isn’t your preferred type of perfume. Chanel perfumes are classics. While they do get the reputation that it is something your grandma would wear, that is one boujee grandma. They have many perfumes and if you don’t want something as strong/concentrated as a perfume their body mists are also a great option. The body sprays are much lighter and don’t last as long as the perfume, but it they are less intense which for some is preferred.

3. Kim Kardashian Crystals

Kim Kardashian’s Crystal perfumes are unexpectedly amazing. It’s really difficult buying perfumes online because there is a huge guessing game and then the anticipation till it gets there hoping it smells good is even worse. However, Kardashian’s Crystal perfumes do not disappoint. She now has eight perfumes in her Crystal collection alone which can ensure that every person’s aroma needs are met. They rand from being super floral, to citrus, to warm scents. With a wide variety of perfume in only one of her collections you are sure to find one that you like. Also, if you are apprehensive to buying perfumes online, her fragrances have now hit the shelves at Ulta Beauty.


4. Kim Kardashian Diamonds

This collection is a collaboration with the three Kardashian sisters. They’ve done two so far and the outcomes of these perfumes are nothing short of expected. The first diamond perfumes range from floral to sweet. In my opinion, Kourtney’s yellow diamond is the best out of this collection. What’s nice about these three perfumes is that they are so different. So, if you’re like me and want to have them all, buying the mini trio will not let you down. Each perfume is unique in their own way that they will meet your every day mood. The Kardashian sister’s newest diamond collection is advertised to be sultry and creamy perfect for winter. So, with these two collections being very different, you have the option of choosing fresh bright notes from their first diamond collection or getting a more warm musky perfume with their newer diamond collection.


5. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

This perfume is a warmer and sweeter one. With notes of coffee and vanilla is sure to pull you in. It described to be a seductive, younger perfume, which is why it is something that must be in your perfume collection. This perfume from the description of it alone is something you don’t have to be doubtful buying. If there is one perfume that you spend more than you would initially like to, it should be this one. This perfume is perfect for date nights because of the deep sweet scent it will leave lingering. What’s nice about this perfume is that for the price and the occasions you would wear it, this will last you a long time. Especially because it is another perfume that you do not need to spray a lot of, even though you may want to. It is an inviting warm perfume that will leave you and the people you wear it around utterly satisfied.

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6. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

Another high end perfume but is oh so worth it. Mon Paris is another warm and sweet scented perfume. This is one you can wear more daily because of the sweet long lasting smell it omits. The perfume itself was inspired by Paris, said to sparkle with all the passion and romance. This perfume is extremely intoxicating, similar to Black Opium, but it can be enjoyed all day every day. Like the other perfumes, it is long lasting. Which can make the price point also very worth it. Mon Paris is said to top the list of sexy perfumes, so wearing this can make you feel more desirable, even if you’re just wearing it for yourself.

7. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfumes

Marc Jacobs Daisy was the first perfume I got that wasn’t from Victoria’s Secret. It has always been a staple perfume because of the bright floral scent that is versatile for any occasion. However, when Daisy Love came out my love for Daisy transitioned to Daisy Love. This perfume still has the floral scent everyone loves, but with a sweeter tone to it. So, if you enjoy floral scents but not when they are overwhelmingly floral, then Daisy Love is for you. Daisy Love is a perfume that when you smell it you think of floral dresses and sunshine. It has such a good smell to it that one could never get sick of. It can be for all ages and occasions which makes the perfume so special. There is even a Daisy Love Eau So Sweet in case you do want to take it up an extra notch. The Daisy collection has a perfume for anyone who enjoys a strictly floral scent or someone who enjoys floral with a touch of warmth.


Which perfume do you wear every day that you think more people should have? Let us know below!