7 NYC Music Festival Essentials You NEED

Finals are done and most of you are now relaxing for the summer, and maybe some of you are getting ready to go to music festivals! So I thought that with festivals such as Governors Ball, Mysteryland, Panorama, Elements and Electric Zoo, all taking place in the New York area this summer, I decided to create a handy guide for you! Since many of these festivals have similar rules to each other and I’ve been going to things like this for a few years, I thought I would contribute a list of festival essentials I always have with me. More important than anything on this list though is that you have fun and are safe!

1. Fanny Pack

Okay so you have your outfit and you’re getting everything ready to go, but unless you’re bringing a small and compact bag, drop that backpack! I have found that everything you need, and then some, can fit in a fanny pack! Our parents had it right at amusement parks and on family trips; fanny packs really are the best thing to use for any and every festival. I usually fill mine with all the festival essentials on this list, my inhaler and whatever extra makeup I think I’ll need. And, of course, your tickets! You can’t forget those.

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2. Portable Charger

You will almost definitely be using your phone a lot and you don’t want to be worrying the whole time about running out of battery in case you need it afterwards for an Uber or finding your group. So bring a cord and a portable charger, tuck it into the bottom of your fanny pack under everything, and make sure you charge it the night before!


3. Sunscreen

Most, if not all, festivals begin in the middle of the day and if you’re like me you gotta apply sunscreen before you leave AND while you’re there. Just make sure that the sunscreen you bring is small enough to fit inside of your fanny pack, and make sure it is a lotion not a spray, because many festivals won’t let you bring in any sprays.


4. Cards

It’s kind of cheating, but it’s important to bring multiple cards rather than just one. First off, bring a state ID, not a school ID! The festival needs the ability to see your name and age upon entering! I usually put a piece of paper the size of a card with my emergency contacts and any information a paramedic may need to know if something were to happen to me while I was there. Also it’s a good idea to back that up with your medical insurance card or a copy.

5. Lip Balm

I swear, with how dry the air can get in the north (aka New York), I used almost half a tube of Chapstick when I went to EDC in the beginning of May. You can get so dehydrated when at festivals so on top of drinking lots of water, continuously applying lip balm can make after festival maintenance and recovery so much easier, plus you’ll be way less uncomfortable. I personally recommend bringing a plain stick, since anything too fancy might be more trouble than it’s worth. I usually bring my Body Shop Hemp Chapstick since it moisturizes so well, and bonus: it smells like Fruity Pebbles!

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6. Baby Wipes

Let’s be serious, restrooms at festivals are super nasty and don’t always have toilet paper. So bringing some individual baby wipes and a mini hand sanitizer is really in your best interest. No other convincing necessary.  This should definitely make your list for festival essentials.

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7. Cash

Always, always, always bring cash! It may seem simple but I really cannot emphasize it enough. Food and merchandise vendors will have a much easier time keeping the line going if you bring cash and it’s way less dangerous than bringing a credit card, which can get lost or stolen. I recommend putting it in the pocket of your fanny pack that presses against your body so you can be sure it doesn’t go anywhere.

What are some of your favorite festival essentials? Comment below and be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!
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Shelby Warren

Shelby, also known as Shelly, is a photojournalism major at St. John's University and dreams of becoming a traveling journalist after college. In her free time, Shelly enjoys working on costumes for the Chappell Players, reading, taking photos and making future travel plans to places all around the world.

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