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7 Non-Makeup Looks For Every Single Day In Quarantine

As summer and quarantine continue, I’m sure you’ve been exploring all the new ways to create non-makeup looks. These looks are great because not only do they let you embrace and love what your momma gave you, but non-makeup looks also emphasize your natural features. Here are 7 non-makeup looks for every single day in quarantine:

1. NO Makeup

The first and probably my most used non-makeup look is actually just no makeup. I have learned to embrace all my flaws and imperfections and love my skin as it is.  Though it was a rough start to embrace my skin and eyelashes as is, it was definitely worth the trial and error.  All you need to do for this non-makeup look is to just wear your normal daily moisturizer and go about your business. Simple, easy, and fresh.

2. Dewy Skin

The next look for non-makeup looks during quarantine is dewy skin.  The best way to achieve dewy skin is by embracing all different types of moisturizing products and highlighter. The two of these combined give you dewy skin without looking like you applied makeup.  For my dewy skin look, I typically wear a hydrating primer and concealer.  If you choose to wear foundation, I suggest using a foundation that you can mix with your moisturizer to make more of a skin tint than a full coverage foundation. The trick to making it look like your skin but better is by letting your natural skin shine through your base, whether that be concealer or foundation.  To keep it dewy, skip the setting powder all over your face and just set the parts where you get oily, or that crease easily. This is normally under your eyes and around your nose.  Next, bronze up your skin with something that has some shimmer to it and add a pop of blush. Spray everything with your favorite setting spray or hydrating mist. And finally add a natural highlight shade to the high points of your face.

3. Flushed Skin

The next non-makeup look is something referred to as the flushed look. Flushed skin is achieved by taking all the methods of dewy skin spoken of in #2 and adding blush all across the apples of your cheeks, and over your nose. I tend to also brush a small amount of blush on both my chin and forehead as well. This look, sometimes called the sunburnt look, gives your skin a nice flush of color. While yes some refer to it as the sunburnt look, it’s not meant for your entire face to be pink or red. You simply add a little bit of extra blush to make it look like you got extra sun in those places.

4. Mascara

The simplest non-makeup look, besides not wearing any makeup, is by just wearing mascara. Mascara it is the easiest way to emphasize your eyes and can be worn alone or added to any of the previously spoken about looks. I typically wear mascara on its own with my natural skin, drawing attention to my eyes.  I usually add many coats of mascara when I apply and use two different types two build it up. I have really short eyelashes and this is the technique I use to add length and volume to them.

5. Faux Freckles

Another great non-makeup look to try during quarantine is by adding faux freckles to your skin. I know this seems a little crazy but if done correctly it looks awesome.  I have freckles that appear naturally in when I get some sun, however being stuck inside lately, my freckles have yet to appear. So, I take an eyebrow marker and simply make the freckles myself.  It’s important to not overdo the freckles or make them two perfect. When they’re placed too close together it looks dirty, but if they’re all systematically placed apart they look very fake. The key to making them appear realistic is to apply them with the eyebrow marker first and then apply a light powder over top. It then blends the freckles into your skin to look au-naturel.

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6. Sun Kissed

So I mentioned earlier the lack of sun I’ve been getting. So if you’re like me and stuck inside, then this is the look for you.  I call this look sun-kissed. This non-makeup look makes it appear like you’ve been laying in the sun for days, even though you and I both know that we’ve been stuck in our houses.  Now, I like to do this on my bare skin without any concealer or foundation. I simply add a more matte bronzer all over my face. Make sure the color isn’t too orange or too brown, because if it is you’ll either look dirty or like an Oompa Loompa, neither of which are good looks.  After you apply your bronzer, take a very sheer highlight and add to the high points of your face and finish the look off with a hydrating face mist.

7. Your Skin But Better

The final non-makeup look to use during quarantine is your skin but better. Like every girl, we have some insecurities with our skin.  While I feel it necessary to embrace your skin, like look #1, I also like to wear a little makeup here and there to cover up a breakout or the bags under my eyes from binging Netflix.  So I take all the features of my skin that I like and emphasize them.  I take a concealer that is the exact color of my skin, or as close to it as possible, and cover my bags and pimples. I set those with some translucent powder. Now, I’m a pale girl, so I love bronzer. So I add bronzer next and a small amount of blush. Don’t forget about mascara. Basically, this look takes bits and pieces of every previous look and makes the ultimate non-makeup look for quarantine.

I know quarantine isn’t the most fun thing you could think of, but at least with these non-makeup looks, you can spruce every day up! Let me know which is your favorite in the comments down below!

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Molly Hawkins

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