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7 Holiday Traditions for Couples

7 Holiday Traditions for Couples

There are plenty of fun things to do around the holiday season to do with your significant other! Take a look a these 7 holiday traditions for couples!

The holidays are always a fun time to spend time with family and friends, continuing or starting new holiday traditions. Growing up, my family has accumulated plenty of traditions like decorating the day of Thanksgiving and not listening to Christmas music until we are in the car going Black Friday shopping (yes I am one of those crazy people). Traditions have always been a meaningful thing to me, so when I started dating my boyfriend Justin, I was very excited to start some new holiday traditions that would be all our own. That being said, I’ve come up with a few fun holiday traditions that you can start with your Christmas cutie!

1. Holiday Movie Marathon

Grab some snacks, maybe a warm drink, lots of blankets and each of you can pick out your favorite Christmas movie. This will be a great time for you and you boyfriend or girlfriend to snuggle up close and enjoy each other’s company. It can help you guys have some alone time as a couple and can be a great stress-reliever as well. Turn your phones off and ignore the outside world for a few hours. Make it a point to do this on the same day each year and you’ve got yourself one intimate holiday tradition.

2. Celebrate a Pre-Christmas

For me and my boyfriend, it is hard for us to celebrate Christmas together on December 25th because we are a long distance couple. So, to make sure we have our own little Christmas together, we celebrate “pre-Christmas” before we leave school to go home for break. It’s nothing fancy but we go out to a nice dinner and get all dressed up. Then we go back to one of our places to exchange gifts. It’s a chance for us to celebrate Christmas together even though we won’t actually be together on Christmas.


3. Picture with Santa

Now I know this might seem dorky because when you think of pictures with Santa, you think of crying kids and very long wait times. However, this could also be a great holiday tradition that every year you can look back at old pictures. This will also be something that, if you and your significant other stay together and have children, you can continue with your kids.

4. Hot Chocolate Party


This is something that you can include your friends and even your family on. Kind of like a potluck dinner, but instead of bringing food, everyone should bring different types of hot chocolate. Believe me, the options are endless! This is a great holiday tradition you can experience with your s.o., while also including other loved ones too!

5. Snow Day

This can go one of two ways. You can have an indoor snow day where you play hooky from work, stay indoors all day and watch movies, bake, and just spend some quality time together. Or you can have an outdoor snow day where you let your inner kid out and have some fun. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make some snow angels or any other outdoor snow activity you can think of. Once you have had your snow day fun you can then go inside and warm yourselves up with some warm hot cocoa.

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6. Christmas Lights Extravaganza

Sure, it might be a little cheesy and may not seem too exciting, but I swear it can lead to a fun time. Grab your girl or guy, pack some snacks and start driving through your or another town to see the Christmas lights and decorations that people have put up on their houses – it really is a sight to see! You’ll often find a few surprises along the way…like a person dressed up as Santa that you can take pictures with.

7. Christmas Shopping

When it comes to Christmas shopping for my dad or grandpa I find it almost impossible, because I am not a guy. Just think of how much easier it would be if you had your boyfriend there to give his male advice. Guys, this can also help you find that perfect gift for your mom so you don’t give her a gift card for the second year in a row. This is also a great time to hint at what gifts you really want. You can just happen to walk by your favorite store and just go on a little longer about how that purse would totally look great with the new shoes you just bought.

What are you and your partner’s holiday traditions? Tell us down below!
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