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7 Hobbies To Try During Your Free Time

7 Hobbies To Try During Your Free Time

7 Hobbies To Try During Your Free Time

People have a lot more time than usual on their hands. We can thank Miss Rona for that. So, why not find a new passion or a new hobby that you can dedicate that time to? You can only sit at home for so long before you’ve stared at your wall too much. Hobbies can include something you never stuck with when you were younger and want to get back into, or it could be something entirely new. Regardless of where the idea of the hobby stems from, it’s nice to exercise your brain in new ways and remain creative.

1. Painting

Painting is probably one of the most therapeutic things you can do for yourself. It is a great hobby to take up because your mind can take you anywhere while painting. It is a creative outlet that relieves a bunch of stress. There truthfully is no “right” way to paint. It is virtually left up to the artist aka you. It’s also fun to look up paintings and get inspired by those images. It can spark something inside of you and then your own imagination can take you somewhere completely different. It is a great hobby to stick with because you can relieve stress while also creating new art that you can hang in your home or gift to friends and family.

2. Rug Making

The satisfaction from watching videos of people making rugs with a rug gun makes this hobby beyond desirable. If you have the time and a place to put all of the rugs you’re going to be pumping out then I highly suggest this hobby. You can create any design you want and all you need is yarn to thread through and create your masterpiece. It can also be any size that you want too. You could create a huge area rug for your living room, a nice circle rug for your entryway, and smaller rugs to put sporadically around your home. If you can’t find yourself stopping with the rug making, then you can start taking requests from your friends or you can start selling them. You win no matter what route you take.


3. Reading

Another great hobby if you have a lot of time on your hands. Reading helps you escape the world for a few hours and exercises your mind greatly. There is nothing more exciting than getting fully wrapped up in a book and finishing it within a few days. It is a sense of accomplishment for sure. Plus, you have an excuse to get more books and you can share them with other people. Reading is a great way to spend time because of the benefits it brings you. You learn more vocabulary, you can expand your mindset/point of view, and the more you read the better you get at it. So, why not pick up a book every once in a while?

4. Drawing

Drawing is can be as intricate as a self-portrait or as simple as a doodle on an old envelope. As long as you have a pen and paper you are creating something. Drawing is a great hobby to take up because you can draw at any point of the day. You could be in between Zoom meetings and be doodling or waiting for your food to cook and be drawing. It’s an amazing hobby that can take up little pockets of time here and there. Once you get into coloring as well, you can expand your creativity by using new things to color with. Charcoal, pens, markers, and more. Drawing is another therapeutic way to spend time and release any tension that you have been experiencing lately.

5. Singing

Absolutely anyone and everyone can sing. And it is SO FUN. This hobby doesn’t have to be shared with anyone, this can be done while driving, showering, laying in bed, whenever. It’s fun to lose yourself sometimes and just sing your heart and mind out. You could sing your sentences throughout the day if you wanted to. Singing has this sense of relief it brings over you. You could be singing sad songs while driving to release emotions or you could’ve had one too many glasses of wine on the couch and you’re belting out the theme song to your favorite show. No matter what you are singing, it is releases something within you. And it can be your secret hobby too. Who knows, maybe you have a spectacular voice you’ve been keeping to yourself, and when you finally share it you shock the world. Your hobby could turn you into a rockstar.

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6. Writing

Sometimes it feels good to aimlessly write. Writing is a good hobby to have because it keeps your mind active. What’s cool about writing is that there is no right or wrong here. It is solely up to you and where your mind takes you. Everyone has a tiny author in them. It’s safe to say that everyone at at least one point in their life wanted to write a book. So, why not let those creative juices flow and just write whatever comes to your mind. It doesn’t ever have to be shared so keep your journal in a safe place so you can write things down whenever you feel creative or bored.

7. Dancing

This is one of the best ways to truly let loose. Dancing is a great hobby as well because it’s great exercise but it’s also so much fun. Dancing is a way to forget the world and fall into the music. Dancing could be done in your room with headphones in. Or, you could go to a studio and learn with teachers and other students. Another great way to get into dance, if you’re really interested in the exercise part of it, is to take a barre class. Barre is based a lot around ballet so it’s a good way to learn skills and build muscle. No matter what way you choose to dance, it will is a great way to forget the world for a while and something to be incredibly passionate about.


What hobbies do you think people should be trying? Comment below!