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7 Hacks For The Best Dorm Room Vibe

7 Hacks For The Best Dorm Room Vibe

Dorm living can definitely be an adjustment from having your own space at home, and making an almost empty room into your ultimate hideaway has its challenges. Adhering to a list of housing regulations can be a little limiting, but there are still some simple steps you can take to amp up the coziness and homey feelings in your room. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in some amazing dorms like those at Sonoma State, here are some ways you can achieve an even more luxurious vibe in your dorm room.

1. Maintain The Perfect Lighting 

In trying to create a space that is conducive to a happy mind, the quality, color, and intensity of light make a difference, and quite frankly, the given lighting situation in dorms is never great. But do not fret, as there are some super simple ways to combat this little nuisance and keep your dorm vibe just how you like it. As the blinds provided in dorms can be slightly unproductive, and they tend to also lack curtain rods, covering the window with a pinned-up tapestry can really contribute to your sanctuary’s essence. Try a dark color for ultimate sun blockage or a lighter color to add some hued light to your space. The artificial light fixtures can also be a bother, as they seem to be perpetually too bright, especially in the evening. Investing in an alternative light source like a salt lamp or an ocean wave projector can save some serious headaches, as well as make your room the most zen space ever. 


2. Foster A Better Aroma 

Burning scented candles can be a huge game changer in creating a wonderfully welcoming space, but they also happen to be a huge violation of campus housing rules. Keep your candles on the shelf for decoration and avoid a meeting with housing services. Go for a eucalyptus room spray from Target for its calming effects or a frosted cranberry scented can of Febreze to welcome the holiday season. If you’re an essential oil connoisseur, use a dab of lavender or peppermint on your carpet or duvet to naturally transform your room’s aroma. Leaving cotton balls soaked in essential oils in musky corners also does the same trick. Prevent a less-than-perfect vibe with some pleasant scents.


3. Soothe Your Subconscious   

Whether while doing homework or trying to relax for bed, listening to soothing noises can be very beneficial for your overall state of being. The presence of a pretty noise really lifts some stress off of your mind and body alike. Also helpful in combating unwanted noise from neighbors or roommates, water sounds or other white noises are easy, yet extremely effective ways to change up your dorm vibe and keep you feeling centered. The simplest way to start implementing soothing sounds is by using a white noise app while you go to sleep. If you want to get a little more invested, a small plug-in water fountain can be fairly cheap on Amazon, and you can listen to it all day and night long without using up your phone’s battery. Invest some time in the sounds of your room and see how good you feel about your dorm vibe.


4. Make It Easy On The Eyes 

Aesthetics are probably the most obvious part of an amazing bedroom, so your decor choices will really make a difference! Paying attention to color palettes can be a great help in achieving the right vibe for you. Go for shades in the same color family throughout your room for a cohesive calming feeling, or organize your closet or bookshelf in rainbow-sequence to add another pleasing visual element. While tacks are sometimes unapproved in dorm rooms and command hooks aren’t always readily at hand, art and pictures that can be put up with tape or putty are your new friend. Websites such as Society6 offer amazing selections of affordable and easily displayed artwork. However you choose to adorn your walls and shelves, remember that it will greatly contribute to your room’s essence. 


5. Find Some Foliage Friends 

The number one component of the ultimate zen den is greenery; plants of any sort add elements of class and freshness to your dorm vibe. For the infamous VSCO vibe, you can go for a family of succulents, which are known as fairly easy plants to take care of, but the fake succulents from Target do just fine if you’re doubting your plant parenting skills. Air plants are also great for students, as they only require attention every few weeks and do just fine in areas of low lighting. If you’re looking for the ultimate foliage friend, an aloe vera plant is the answer to your dorm vibe needs. Available for quite cheap on Amazon, these cute little guys don’t need much watering, and can potentially be used for their versatile aloe vera gel! Whether you go plastic or real, add a touch of the outdoors to your room and feel the mood freshen.

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6. Keep It Comfy 

Harsh temperatures can absolutely ruin the feeling of your sanctuary, and dorm rooms seem to get hotter and colder than any other space in the world. While most campus housing inevitably lacks a good heating and cooling system, the little things really matter! To fight high temperatures and a stuffy room, close your windows and shades and keep a fan running during the day, and open a window at night. To protect against the cold, invest in a fluffy rug and a space heater. A heated rug at the foot of your toilet or a heated blanket on your chair adds a new level of comfort to an otherwise chilly dorm room. Temperature is just as essential to a cozy bedroom as any decor!

7. Try For A Tranquil Awakening 

The feeling of your room is going to greet you from the moment you wake up, so why not make that moment pleasant as well? Obviously we can’t always wake up at 11am to the chirping of birds, but changing the sound you wake up to can make a big difference in starting your day on the right foot. Most alarm sounds are startling and frankly a little obnoxious, so if you aren’t a super heavy sleeper, try setting a slower, more songlike tone as your alarm. You can even set it as that jazz or indie song you really like to start your day off with a happy mind. Wake up with a calmness to your new dorm vibe and appreciate the sanctuary you’ve created! 


How do you combat bad dorm room conditions? Let us know your favorite tricks for achieving the perfect dorm vibe in the comments

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