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7 Dorm DIY Ideas Perfect for Spring

7 Dorm DIY Ideas Perfect for Spring

It’s that time of year again folks, no not spring cleaning, spring decorating! I have so many fun dorm DIY ideas on how you can create some chill vibes for the warmer weather and get your dorm room ready for spring. Now, let’s get into it!

1. Tulle Lights

These lights are a really fun and and easy way to add some extra flare to your Christmas lights. All you need for this dorm DIY is some tulle, a strand of lights, and a pair of scissors. You’ll want to cut your length of tulle into equal pieces and then tie them in a knot around your strands of lights. Always be sure to check with your dorm room safety codes when it comes to putting lights into your room.


2. Marbled Candle Votives

Although candles aren’t allowed in most dorms, this DIY is also useful on larger cups to hold pens, pencils, and other supplies! It’s a fun way to add some trendy pieces into your dorm. Get the tutorial here!


3. Motivational Wall Quotes

Motivational wall quotes are super customizable to anything you want. Plus, this is an easy way to reduce, reuse and recycle! Who doesn’t love saving Mother Earth? With this dorm DIY, the way you go about it is really up to you. Some brands sell sticky letters to pop on your wall, or you could get a little more creative and use washi tape, or create letters from poster boards, magazines, old photos, etc.! For more wall quote inspiration check out tumblr and Pinterest.


4. DIY Banner

If you want to customize something a little less wordy, try a fun banner. All you need is doilies, paper, some string, and some scissors. Cut the banner pieces into whatever shapes you want and string them on – another great way to add some color to your dorm room. Use floral paper for an extra springy feel, tissue paper for pompoms and whatever fabric you desire for the tassels.


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5. Floral Globes

If you love flowers like I do, then this is a must try dorm DIY! This one is a little more work than the others, but definitely worth it. You will need a Styrofoam ball, floral stems, hot glue, and some ribbon. The video tutorial will help you with the process, but you basically just cut the floral pieces down, glue them all around the ball and hang it by the ribbon. I love the two that I have in my dorm room, they add so much color!


6. Fringe Lanterns

These adorable lanterns are so frilly and fun! A cluster of them would look great in any dorm. All you need to do is tie some strings to the bottom of those cheap paper lanterns. For an extra touch of spring, attach some faux butterflies at the bottom.

7. Washi Tape Frames

Everyone wants to add some pizzazz to their walls, but posters are blah. This spring, why not dress up your photos while tapping into your creative side! These fun Washi tape picture frames are removable and inexpensive. Just pick out some bright and cheery colors and tape away!

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