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7 Different Themes For Your Dorm Room This Fall

7 Different Themes For Your Dorm Room This Fall

7 Different Themes For Your Dorm Room This Fall

August quickly rolled around the corner this summer which means it is time to start thinking about your dorm theme for this upcoming school year! Here are seven ideas of different themes for your dorm room this fall to get you started.

1. Minimalist Dorm Theme

Sometimes, when it comes to choosing a dorm theme, being a minimalist is key. This will not only be easier to manage in terms of cleanliness, and will take less time to put together, it also gives your room a neat and classy vibe. Opting for minimal wall decor or ensuring that your bedding complements your simple decorations will guarantee that your dorm theme exudes a relaxed yet polished vibe. Coordination is vital in any dorm room theme, but it’s especially important if you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic. Wall decor that is simple but also matches with the rest of the room is the perfect way to warrant that your room feels minimalist while still being cute. Despite the fact that many of us desire to decorate our rooms to the brim, a minimalist dorm room is not only practical but also trendy and wonderfully classy.

2. Earthy Dorm Theme

Our next dorm theme is for those of you who can’t imagine going a day without taking a walk outside and taking in some mother nature. It can be difficult to find time to enjoy nature during your hectic college days, which is why this dorm theme is perfect for you! First and foremost, you will want to use plants to dominate your design; you will need to select whether you want fake or real plants based on whether you are confident in your abilities to care for them. Because most of us are so busy at college, remembering to water our plant friends may be tough, which is why artificial ones may be a better option. Green vines winding around your walls or pots of buzzing green plants strewn across your shelves are two options; if you want to add some color, fake flowers are also a good option! For an earthy dorm theme, we also recommend selecting more earthy tones such as yellows, greens, and browns.


3. Fashion Chic Dorm Theme

For those of you who are fashionistas at heart, this dorm theme is for you. Vogue-inspired, your dorm room should have you feeling like you are in The Devil Wears Prada ready for a day in the fashion world. The key is to keep your room looking chic at all times and to do so you will need fashion-related posters, a mirror of some sort, and the bedding will tie it all together. Decide whether you would like to add pops of pink into your room through your bedding and wall decor or if you would like to keep it more classy with black and white with a subtle twist of leopard print. Fuzzy white pillowcases or rugs are crucial for any fashion-inspired dorm theme as well as stylish storage for all of your school essentials. This dorm theme will keep you feeling fabulous and inspired at all times!

4. Colorful Dorm Theme

Sometimes the best dorm theme is not really having one at all! When classes or college life start to get stressful, your dorm room should be a place where you can go to unwind and boost your mood; what better way to ensure that your room will do just that than colorful decorations? Filling your room up with all sorts of bright wall decor and bedding is the ideal way to brighten up your otherwise bland dorm room and is guaranteed to lift your spirits when you are feeling down. This theme is also amazing because it means you don’t necessarily need to worry about getting everything to match perfectly in your room; as long as it is full of colors and fun decorations that is all that matters. A dazzling and vibrant dorm theme is an excellent way to ensure that you are fully personalizing your dorm room.

5. One Color Dorm Theme

Another practical and convenient dorm theme is to focus your attention on just one color for all of your decorations. Simply the color itself becomes the theme of your room which you can take in any direction you want! You can incorporate your chosen color through your wall decor and bedding which can be different patterns or designs to add more dimension to your room. One of the simplest ways to go is to choose a single color as your theme; all you have to do is find all of the components of your space in the same hue or shades of the same color! Not only that, but this theme also gives your room a vibe that is put together, and all the elements of your dorm room complement each other. Make sure to pick your color scheme carefully, and don’t be hesitant to incorporate other colors that complement your theme.

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6. Black And White Dorm Theme

A black and white dorm theme is the way to go if you are looking for a classy yet stylish vibe to your space. This is another theme that is convenient in terms of finding decorations and bedding and the best part is that if you ever feel like you need to add some color, it is easy to add a pop of any hue to contrast the black and white! Your decorations can be more simple and minimal or more complex depending on what you prefer; either way the black and white will lock in a more sophisticated style to your dorm room. Any poster, as well as any bedding, may be obtained in black and white, which makes shopping for your room a breeze. Add in some string fairy lights to ensure your room is not too bland and never be afraid to add a splash of any color if you are feeling the need to! 

7. Tik Tok Trendy Dorm Theme

Our last piece of advice for you when picking your dorm theme is to embrace the trends you see on Tik Tok. Neon signs and led strip lights are seen everywhere for a reason; they add a cool and fun twist to your room and give you more fun lighting than the dorm rooms. Filling your walls with aesthetic picture collages and ivy string lights will add life and vibrancy to your room without needing to put in much effort. Other room essentials that are trending on Tik Tok include a round mirror, fake plants, and stylish storage for your belongings and personal photos! Neon lips and lighting bolts are the way to go, as well as cheetah print patterns on your bedding. Colorful and lively is a prevalent feature in all of the trendy Tik Tok decor; you want to make your dorm room a safe haven that improves your emotions. Don’t be afraid to give in to popular trends on Tik Tok, they are popular for a reason! 


There you have it: seven dorm themes to get you started on your quest for the ideal living place. Which theme will you be going with this fall? Let us know in the comments below!