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7 Changes To Make To Your Wardrobe

Trends and how to style specific components of an outfit are constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with it all. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of 7 changes to make to your wardrobe based on current trends. Check out which wardrobe change you should consider making!

1. Tight Pants To Loose Pants

The first wardrobe change to make is one that is not only super cute but also a lot more comfortable; consider changing out of your tight and impractical pants into loose and comfy ones! In case you didn’t already know, skinny jeans are pretty much off the table for good and baggy jeans are in. You can go for super baggy, medium baggy, or a little baggy; whichever way you decide will look ultra-trendy, especially if you pair your jeans with a tighter crop top or bodysuit to balance out the fit. High waisted or low waisted, ripped or not ripped, there are plenty of directions you can go in when it comes to loose jeans! Another pair of loose pants that are trending and totally chic, high-waisted trousers. Not only are these more comfortable, but they are also easy to style in many different ways while also making you look sophisticated and more put together. Add a belt and a tucked-in blouse or just a simple crop top; go in whichever direction you prefer! Let’s say bye-bye to pants that restrain you from being able to sit and hello to loose and cute ones!

2. Cute Bags To Practical Bags

If you could not already tell, 2021 is the year to make your wardrobe more practical as opposed to just what you think may look the best; you can make this wardrobe change while still looking fashionable, don’t worry! Swap out those mini bags that don’t fit anything and instead exchange them for much more practical, still cute, bags. Tote bags are absolutely the way to go this summer; not only do they come in hundreds of colors, designs, and textures, they also can fit everything that you need while still making your outfit look super trendy. Bring one to the beach, to get coffee with a friend, or anywhere else because they are just that practical! These are easy to find anywhere and there are so many styles to choose from; stop stuffing your essentials into a tiny baguette bag and instead threw them into a spacious tote. We understand that fanny packs are associated with grandpas and hikers, but we believe that they are a very practical method to carry your belongings and that they are very easy to style.  Wear them across your body or in the traditional style; adjusting them to your fit is simple, and you’ll have quick access to anything you need, such as your phone or keys. Take a cue from celebrities like Bella Hadid, who also recommends wearing a fanny pack!

3. Complex Shoes To Minimal Shoes

Next major wardrobe change to make: Your shoes. The period of brightly colored sneakers and intricate heels is over; now is the time to make sure your ensembles are easy to put together! Replace your multi-colored Air Force 1s with a pair of stylish white sneakers; you can choose between platform or conventional shoes, depending on your preference. The nicest thing about minimalist white shoes is that they go with anything; all you have to do is maintain them reasonably clean. Colorful shoes are still fashionable, and we assure you you won’t have to give them up; we only advocate investing in at least one pair of white sneakers as a go-to pair of shoes for any outfit! In terms of heeled sandals, it is time to let go of ones that take ten minutes to put on for each foot and instead consider purchasing ones that are easy to slide on and off while also making your outfit look stylish and trendy. One example would be going for a classy pair of heeled flip-flops, which are all the rage right now! These minimalistic sandals are both practical and fashionable; choose from a variety of colors and even different styles. If you can’t bear the thought of giving up your strappy sandals, go for a pair that is at the very least easier to put on! As previously stated, the year 2021 is the year of practicality.

4. Leggings To Joggers

We know that leggings are comfortable, and some may argue that they think they’re cuter than joggers, but we respectfully disagree.  When trying to put together a comfortable yet cute outfit, the next wardrobe change you should make is replacing your leggings with joggers. Joggers come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they’re really easy to style; whether you dress them up or down, you’ll be comfy and stylish. To dress them up, you may want to pair them with a jean jacket or even a blazer, the way you choose to style them will depend on which look you are going for. You may even want to match your joggers with your top to create a set or a monochromatic look that screams chic yet super duper comfy. It is pretty difficult for anything to not match with your joggers; a T-shirt, a bodysuit, a crop top, a sweatshirt, etc. Make sure you know whether you want to add jewelry and other accessories to your outfit or keep it simple with no accessories. Don’t worry, swapping your leggings for joggers will result to be more comfortable and still just as fashionable!

5. Jean Jackets To Trendy Jackets

Jean jackets had their moment of glory, and they are still super cute, but it is time for you to step out of your comfort zone for this wardrobe change and get some trendier jackets! First and foremost, leather blazers. We cannot emphasize this enough: leather blazers will instantly make any ensemble cooler and trendier. Wear one with a pair of jeans or over a mini dress, either way, you will have that chic model-off-duty look that everybody loves. Don’t worry if you are someone who prefers a little color in their look; there are plenty of colorful leather jackets to choose from. Trench coats are another stylish item to consider replacing your jean jacket with. Don’t think for a second that styling these long coats is tough; it’s actually rather simple! The idea is to make sure that what you’re wearing underneath matches and complements the fit of your jacket. Take a recipe from Hailey’s book and consider a trench coat with a fun checkered pattern and match that with a more simple look underneath; it is easy to find heavier or lighter trench coats as well, depending on the weather.

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6. Regular Crop Tops To Fun Crop Tops

We all love wearing crop tops, they are easy to style and make us feel confident and trendy but they are also at risk of sometimes becoming boring. To avoid this, adopt a more playful take on crop tops. The first way you could go about this is by purchasing a crochet crop top; these are trending right now for very good reason. These are not only very cute, but they’re also a novel take on a typical crop top. Crochet tops are available in a wide range of interesting colors, shapes, and styles, and we know they are a wardrobe staple in 2021. Corset tops are another unique twist on crop tops; they’re a flirtatious and exciting way to spice up your wardrobe and they can be found in a wide range of styles. Consider making a wardrobe change by acquiring more distinctive variations the next time you go shopping for crop tops.

7. Athletic Shorts To Biker Shorts

Any biker shorts haters may feel free to leave now because we are the biker shorts fan club! While biker shorts have been contentious since they first appeared on the streets, we believe they are a much more fashionable and attractive alternative to traditional athletic shorts. What makes biker shorts so appealing is how simple they are to style; contrary to popular opinion, you may take your fit in almost any direction when you want to wear them! To dress them up, you may choose to pair them with a button-up blouse and gold jewelry; other ways to dress them up include with a blazer or with more formal accessories. You can also go in a more casual direction by sticking to a simple T-shirt or sweatshirt and sneakers. We strongly encourage you to give biker shorts a chance next time you need a wardrobe change, we promise they won’t disappoint!

We hope this advice has inspired you to consider which wardrobe change you’d like to make the next time you clean out your closet! Which of these changes are you making first? Let us know in the comments below!

Olivia Plotkin

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