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7 Candle Scents To Help Relieve Stress

Lighting a candle is a great way to relieve stress. Especially if the scent is one of your favorites. Candle scents do different things. Some relieve stress, some help reduce anxiety, others make you feel happy. Each one means something slightly different than the others.

Scented candles are very important and have been used for centuries. They promote healing, enhance meditation, and cleanse energies. The gentle, mesmerizing quality of their light makes them a perfect aid for any relaxation routine. The smell of the candle scents stimulates the part of our brain which is connected to memory and mood. From boosting energy to relieving stress or even enhancing mental clarity, the healing properties coming from a lighted scented candle can deliver psychological effects.

1. Lavender

The lavender candle scents instantly relax both your mind and your body. It is very important to feel relaxed when studying or even just hanging out in your room. Lavender always has a calming effect on people. That’s why laundry detergent has a lavender scent to it. Smelling lavender makes you feel calmer and more relaxed than before you lit the candle.

Feeling relaxed is difficult to do, especially with everything that’s been going on over the last year now. So light a lavender candle tonight and relax to the candle scents. It might take a little while to feel relaxed, maybe the whole candle, but it will help you feel better in the end. If you decide that you don’t like the lavender candle scents, there are other candles you can try. Maybe seasonal candles might help you calm down more.

2. Orange

The orange candle scents reduce stress. In the world we live in now, it is very difficult to not be stressed. The smell of oranges is a good way to relieve stress. That’s why oranges are a good fruit to eat when you feel like you’re getting stressed. The scent connects with the part of your brain that makes you calm down and be less stressed.

There are a lot of things that are orange scented other than candle scents, but lighting a candle in your room might help to relieve some stress. I know some people who are allergic to oranges and they can’t eat them to help relieve stress, but they can still smell orange candle scents. This is one way they can still have the benefits of oranges. If you don’t like the smell of oranges for whatever reason, there are plenty of other candles you can use to relieve stress.

3. Apple

The apple candle scents control anxiety. I know that when I was in college, I was very anxious about a lot of things. Eating an apple helped me feel a little bit better, so I think lighting an apple-scented candle is going to help a lot, too. Again, it might take the whole candle for you to start to feel a little less anxious, and it won’t completely eliminate the anxiousness.

You can feel anxious about a lot of things: classes, making friends, eating right. Having a lot of apple-scented things might help with that enough where it won’t be a huge problem anymore. You’ll still feel anxious, but at least you can get things done without panicking about it. The apple candle scents might make it easier to control your anxiety, but you’ll also need to work on other methods to help reduce the anxiety.

4. Frankincense

The frankincense candle scents help battle anxiety and help with stress relief. I already talked about candles that can help with both of these, but it’s always good to have multiple ways to help with the same problem. This candle can also help with two problems at once, instead of one like the other candle scents have so far. So, it’s better than the previous three in a way.

Candle scents are very different depending on what you want to do. This candle is for two things at once, but I don’t know what it smells like. You might be better off using the orange and lavender scents instead of using the frankincense scent. It might make you feel more anxious than it’s supposed to, which would defeat the purpose of the candle. So be careful when you decide on a candle to smell for hours and make sure it’s something that could actually help you.

5. Sandalwood

The sandalwood candle scents relax and calm the body and the mind. This sounds like it is the same as the lavender scent, as well. Sandalwood is a nice smell, and it might help you more than lavender does. It also might not help you at all, and it might make everything worse. So be careful when deciding what scent you want to smell for hours, again.

It has a unique smell that can combine with other candle scents. It can make them smell better, and smell more like an outdoor scent. It’s a really nice smell, and it’s something that you won’t forget once you smell it once. If this scent doesn’t work, though, there are other scents I’ve mentioned earlier, and there are certainly other scents I won’t mention in this article that you could use for helping you relax and stay calm.

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6. Vanilla

The vanilla candle scents increase happiness, uplift your mood, and stimulate feelings of relaxation and joy. It is important to be happy all the time, and this candle might help you feel happier about things. Vanilla has always been my favorite scent because of how calming it is. It reminds me of a birthday cake, and birthday cake always makes me happier.

Vanilla is one of those candle scents that everyone likes, but they won’t admit that they like it. It’s a good scent to get someone when you don’t know what they like to smell. Not only does it make you happy when you smell it, but it brings up good memories you’ve had. If you don’t like vanilla, then I don’t believe you. But if you really don’t, there are other candles out there that would smell different enough from vanilla but do the same thing.

7. Lemon

The lemon candle scents improve your mood. Lemons always make me feel better when I smell one or eat one. This is like a couple of other candles I’ve talked about in this article, but it’s also different. This candle makes you feel better than what you did before, but not necessarily happy. It just makes you slightly less of whatever you felt before.

This candle helps reduce stress by making you feel less stressed than you did before. It doesn’t completely get rid of your stress or anything like that, but it does make you feel better than you did before. That makes it better to use this candle than if you didn’t use a candle. But, that being said, if there’s a scent you like better than lemon, it might be able to help you out more than the lemon candle scents help you.

Did I get all of your favorite candle scents? Do they help you relieve stress? If you have more scents to share, or if you just want to share something, leave a comment down below!

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