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7 Beautiful Corset Tops And How To Style Them

The corset top. It’s been around for centuries. Literally, since the sixteenth freaking century. We’ve taken corsets under floor length gowns and modernized them. The latest fashion trend reimagines a corset top into one that is both feminine and girlboss. A corset top can be worn with all sorts of outfits – jeans, skirts, or over a dress. The options are really endless with how you style them. Corsets are flattering, pretty, and looks great on anyone. Read through these seven corset tops and how to style them to hop on the latest fashion trend.

1. The Business Woman

The first way to style a corset is the business woman look. The ultimate girl boss moment. Like in the picture below, wear a white corset top or black corset top under a blazer and matching trousers. Or maybe a hot pink corset with a black blazer and black trousers. That would be jaw-dropping! This look is pretty flexible, wear whatever pant suit you have with a corset top underneath. Pair this with your staple gold or silver jewelry, and you have a cute, yet mature, professional outfit.

2. E-girl Vibes

Are you a soft girl or an e-girl? If you are an e-girl then try this corset top look. The second way to style a corset top is this cute, grunge, skater girl look. Another white corset top, yes, but this one is styled in a completely different way.  Like in the picture below, you can wear a white corset top with a pink tennis skirt, fishnet tights, tall black boots, and a matching pink handbag. This way of styling a corset top is great for those in their late teens, as it is a cute, flirty, and a  playful way of dressing with this top, as compared to The Business Woman Look. Embrace the E-Girl Vibes entirely and wear this corset top with a black tennis skirt, fishnet tights, tall black boots, and a black jacket. Baddie energy. 

3. Denim on Denim

The third way of styling a corset top is this denim on denim look. They say history repeats itself and this is completely true with fashion. With this denim on denim look, we’re channeling Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s red carpet look at the 2001 American Music Awards. Twenty years later, and the then it-couple’s red carpet outfit is still iconic. Are you glad to see this denim on denim fashion trend back? Or do you think we should move on from it? Been there done that? No matter what you think, there’s no denying how iconic this look is and there’s no one more legendary than the popstar herself. Wear this with platform flip flops, or switch it up with cowboy boots. Britney would approve. 

4. Underbust Corset Over A Dress

Layering is a huge trend in fashion which can get hard during the warmer months when it’s so hot outside that you’d rather be wearing nothing. But then came along the reintroduction of corsets to society, and layering is a possibility again with this underbust corset over a light, flowy dress. This type of corset will cinch your waist real tight and lift those breasts high, giving you an hourglass figure. Take whatever dress you have in your closet and pair it with a neutral color underbust corset, like a taupe one in the picture below, and this look is complete! Simple yet so on trend. 

5. Flowery Corset Tops

This next corset top is absolutely gorgeous. The flower detail looks so carefully crafted, you’ll be dying to try on this one-of-a-kind piece. The flower corset top is layered over a white mock neck long sleeve shirt and light, white flow-y trousers. Something about this outfit gives off French girl vibes. Wear this with a beret and sandals, and enjoy a cup of coffee at your favorite local coffee shop. This would be the perfect opportunity to take pictures for your Instagram, too. Another option is to wear a flower corset top like this one with a big floppy hat, sunglasses, denim shorts, and flip flops, and you have yourself a cute outfit to wear to a cafe by the beach.

6. Leather Underbust Corset Top

The sixth way to style a corset top is to match leather with leather. Another underbust corset, this one is styled in almost the exact opposite way from the underbust worn over a dress. In this look, she is wearing a leather underbust corset worn over a white ruffle top with leather trousers. It’s giving pirate, but a cute pirate. Wear this with your hardest jewelry, you’ll be the baddest bleep around. No one can stop you from getting what you want!

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7. Brown on Brown

If brown isn’t the color of the year, then what color will be? The color brown has been trending just as much as corset tops, and with this final seventh look, you’ll be hopping onto two fashion trends at once. In the picture below, she is wearing a brown corset with brown jeans, a white cardigan over it, and a fluffy leopard print handbag. Brown is like black, it can go with basically anything. You can even dress this up a bit more and wear this corset over a white slip dress, brown boots, and brown shades, and you’re ready for a night out. 

It’s amazing how corsets have come back into fashion again, having been around since the Victorian era. What’s so cool about fashion is that you can take a piece and transform it into a multitude of looks. You can make a corset top look professional, dressy, elegant, and grunge. 

Corsets are flattering for all as they can shape to your body. Remember, clothes are meant to fit you not you fit into them. However you choose to style this corset top, there is no doubt that it will look incredible on you.

If you are inspired by any of these seven ways to style a corset top, post a pic on Instagram and tag us @Society19. We’d love to see it!

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