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7 Affordable Ways To Decorate Your First Apartment

7 Affordable Ways To Decorate Your First Apartment

7 Affordable Ways To Decorate Your First Apartment

It is both exciting and stressful to move into your first apartment. It is exciting because you are finally getting a taste of independence while being away from your loved ones! However, it is stressful because the process might not always be easy, especially when you are under a tight budget. That is why we are here to help you with 7 affordable ways to garnish your first apartment while catering to your affordable living!

1. Plants

Plants seem to be all the rage these days. Plants naturally add a pop of color to any space and will embellish your space with much soul and greenery. Investing in a plant will not only give form to your living space but also effortlessly complement your affordable living. These green companions are only a couple of dollars and can be found at almost any store. In other words, if you looking for a fake or real plant, then they will be sold at your local department store or home retailer.

So, you are thinking about stocking up your space with many different plants but do not know where to neatly place them. Plants can be placed on any free shelf with zero effort! As long as you provide it with sunlight and water, your plant will set the mood for your room on its own!


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2. Floating Shelves

Shelves, shelves, and more shelves! Shelves will give your apartment a sense of space if you are moving into a tight space. Think about it, you might have some trouble decorating your room in an organized fashion if you only think about furnishing your floor space, but that is why you need to work your way up on the walls. Floating shelves can be accessed through your local department stores and can easily aid you in achieving affordable living. They tend to be up to $20 and can easily attach to your walls.


The beauty of this addition to your space is that you can put anything on it, whether that is books or small commodities such as candles!

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3. Mirrors

Large or small, mirrors can largely switch up your space by giving it an illusion that it is larger than it actually is! The mirrors that you purchase can also add some design to your room, so if your room is going for that bohemian look, then you can get some mirrors to compliment your taste.

Mirrors are also affordable commodities that will befriend your affordable living, so, you can either invest in many small mirrors or a single large mirror, which is the easiest and most likely, the cheapest route. Mirrors can add a whole dimension to your room, so for those who are moving into a small apartment, a mirror will create that major difference. Additionally, they are of importance to almost every living space, so go get yourself some mirrors!

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4. Paint Old Furniture

Trying to save money on furniture? You can simply cater to your affordable living by purchasing some paint to transform your old and undesirable furniture into furniture that will fit your new space and aesthetic. You can paint over your bed frame, bookshelves, shelves, drawers, desk, and other pieces while maintaining loyalty to your tight budget! This process can at times be daunting for some, however, it is all worth it when you ask your friends and family for help. This way, you can prepare for the move-in process, while spending time with your loved ones!

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5. Add Some Books

A clever way to add some color to your living space is by adding many books! Books have colorful covers and are versatile. You can place them on any space, so whether you have extra space on that shelf, the books will close that gap in a colorful manner!

Need a cute place to place your plants on an elevated surface? Stack some books to give that lovely and large plant some elevation! Do you need to give your bland nightstand some color? Boom! Those colorful books will do the trick! Almost everyone has books lying around their old house, which is an exceptional way to attend to your affordable living. However, if you want to purchase interesting books, you can try going to your local thrift shop. Books are great for everything, not just for decoration!

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6. Invest In A Rug

Now, a rug might be your most expensive, yet affordable purchase! Compared to the other commodities, a rug will be the most expensive especially if it is of a large size. Rugs can give you both a sense of space and color to your living space, so it is highly recommended that you purchase a long and wide rug! They come in different colors, so if you are going for a minimalist aesthetic, then you will definitely find that desired style at your local department store.

However, if you decide to go for a small rug, then consider buying more than one and stacking the two in order to give your room a messy and effortless look it. They are also extremely fun to shop for because rugs are the foundation for the style of your living space!

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7. Use Creative Storage

Let’s face it, finding storage space in your first apartment or room might be difficult. That is why it is incredibly helpful to invest in storage that acts both as furniture and a storage unit! To your surprise, this dual form of furniture is significantly inexpensive and will accommodate your affordable living. If you need a chair in your apartment, yet lack space to place it nicely, you can invest in one that allows you to place unnecessary commodities in the seat of the chair! You can purchase storage that acts as a drawer or desk, there are almost many different pieces that you can use that will do both of the jobs!

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Which decoration will you purchase for your first apartment? Let us know in the comments below!