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6 Ways to Style Yoga Pants

6 Ways to Style Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are basically life. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime; yoga pants are the go-to choice of bottoms. You can wear them while running errands, working out, lounging at home, or getting it done. “Living” in your yoga pants is completely acceptable and easy to pull off no matter what your style. That being said, here are 6 super trendy ways to style yoga pants – an outfit for every occasion!

1) Lounge Queen

The classic black, form-fitted legging is basically a must in every closet. It’s easy, comfortable and perfect for lounging (or working out…if you’re into that sort of thing)! Pair your favorite pair of ankle length leggings with a loose tee and over-sized sweatshirt. And if you ever do decide to pull yourself off the couch, throw on a pair of chic sneakers and you’re ready to go.

2) Cute and Casual

Add boots, a chambray top and a big, chunky scarf to your favorite pair of yoga pants, for a more dressed up look, that’s still the epitome of comfort. This trends is all about layering; so try a long tank followed by a fitted striped tee and finish the look off with a heavy dosage of bangles.


3) On the Go

A super relaxed look; perfect for running errands. People often think wearing sneakers with yoga pants looks too much like you’re on your way to the gym, but looking at the outfit below, I’d beg to differ! A fashionable top and sleek purse make the outfit stylish and presentable.

4) Comfy and Stylish

Great for warmer days, cropped yoga pants can also be “dressed up” so you don’t look like you belong on a treadmill. A jean jacket, graphic tee and crisp pair of Converse sneakers pull the look together nicely.

5) Edgy Comfort

Cut out leggings are an edgy look to add to your closet. They give you the comfort of yoga pants but add some spice to your outfit. Paired with a simple white top and basic tennis shoes, the mesh cut outs provide just the right amount of punch.

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6) The Main Event

Printed leggings are a great option for when you want to look cute with no effort. Pair your printed leggings with a plain t-shirt or crop top to complete the look – letting the pattern be the star of the show!


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