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6 Ways to Beat Insomnia When you Are out of Ideas

6 Ways to Beat Insomnia When you Are out of Ideas

6 Ways to Beat Insomnia When you Are out of Ideas

Insomnia really socks! I know! I get it too! This is when you are unable to sleep due to your mind racing and being overly active during your bedtime. With the stresses that we face day to day, things can accumulate and spin us right into a mental frenzy! Ever lay wide awake in bed at 3am thinking about things? It is common and it’s nothing to really panic about. This can be a nuisance when you have obligations that require you to be energized and punctual, like school.

Insomnia can very well take over at some points in life because our brain is reacting to the thoughts and situations it is fed. We endure big stresses as well as little ones that definitely affect us. Certain activities help reduce the stress and overthinking activity that plagues us. Relief is definitely possible and applying these tips can help you ease into a restful sleep that is well deserved and needed. Sleeping is an essential part of life. Try following some of these tips and see how well it works out for you! Let’s get started and get you into some rest ASAP!

Lighting Candles

This trick right here is my favorite! I get insomnia every so often and lighting candles helps me fall asleep. When I think of candles, soothing places come to mind. We all know spas and places like uses candles for aroma but also to keep an environment of peace. Candles are that tangible peace that is perfect to fall asleep to. Lighting a few can do the trick in making your mind go to a soothing place free of worry or overactive thoughts. Choose a favorite scent to get accustomed to and light one daily.


I usually go with soothing smells like lavender or eucalyptus that have a natural calming effect as well. Candles are a great go-to when starting a self-care routine and establishing a going to bed routine. Try having the candles lit and lights off 30 min before bed so your mind can adjust to the dim light. It acts as an alarm for yourself to recognize its bedtime! Light them even an hour before if your insomnia is really bad. The more accustomed to your bedtime the less time you need to light your candles!

Take A Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower can do wonders for your insomnia! I love taking an extremely hot shower (not Hell hot) but hot enough to feel the tension in my muscles relax and feel like I’m under the warmest blanket. This idea was brought on when I would work out so late at night and I wanted to clean the sweat off but also relax my body and mind. I would recommend trying to take the shower as close to your bedtime as possible so the relaxing effect is still fresh on your body.

I also like lighting candles during this time as well! It is a double relax technique that creates a soothing ambiance that naturally proceeds sleep. Something doing this technique, I don’t want to leave the shower!


Use Essential Oils

Using essential oils is a great idea for your skin and mental health! Lavender is one of the top essential oils i love to use in my body washes and oils for my body. The scent has a calming effect that tames even the wildest nights of insomnia. Essential oils can be used on skin or burned as incent oils using a incent burner. Adding just a dab to your skin products or body wash can help you ease right into a blissful sleep.

Eucalyptus and other essential oils are good to use as well. Your body can get hydrated as well as smell heavenly while helping your brain settle for rest. Try out some of these essential oils and watch your sleep transform.

Watch A Feel-Good Movie

This idea always works for me! When we have insomnia, at times it can be from situations that aren’t the most positive. Going through a rough day or experiencing bad emotions through the day can impact your sleep. I’ve had times where I held on to negative feelings and tried going to sleep. Those feelings just churn in your mind prohibiting you from sleeping.


Watching a feel-good movie can ease your emotions and help you relax. I love watching cartoon movies because it reminds me of the good old days where worries didn’t exist. Find a movie or two that relaxes you and let it ease your mind into a beautiful sleep.

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Praying is a good way to release pent-up emotions that can prevent your peace. Everyone’s belief system is different however, praying can bring about peace and relaxation. By letting out your feelings, thoughts, and problems, praying can help you sleep soundly. Everyone prays differently so there is no right way to pray.


Grounding yourself in some spiritual practices can make a difference in your mental health and sleeping habits. Saying a prayer and letting go of your day’s problems will help you achieve good sleep. Kick insomnia’s butt by praying for a good night’s rest.


Yoga is a good form of exercise and relaxation technique. It can give you the stretch and peace that you need to rest in peace. Yoga is about mind and connectivity and controlling both. Our minds tend to run wild with thoughts when it comes to insomnia so yoga can help ease those thoughts.

There are several different yoga options and doing a simple 15-minute one before bed can help you ease into sleep. Being relaxed is a big part of feeling restful. Even doing a few poses while practicing your breathing can make a difference in your night. Insomnia can be a nuisance, to say the least, but practicing yoga can improve your mental state to help ward it off. Start with a beginner’s video and watch your progress!


What idea are you willing to try? Have you tried any of these ideas? How does insomnia affect your life? Let us know in the comments below.