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6 Types of Intramural Teams You Find On Campus

6 Types of Intramural Teams You Find On Campus

Most universities offer many intramural teams for students to partake in. From soccer and basketball, to broom ball and table tennis, and even innertube water polo. There are so many options, there’s likely to be one that you can enjoy. They are a great way to get out there, make new friends, exercise, and just have a good time. Here are some types teams you might meet along the way.

1. The Olympic Prospects

This is the team you dread versing. It is just intramurals, but somehow they have made a name for themselves as we are all told to step our game up when they’re your next week’s opponent. These are the kids who were captains of their high school teams, the hometown heroes, who unfortunately just didn’t make the cut for D1. And don’t get me wrong; they’re very talented and competitive, you will most likely submit to defeat. But hey, you probably gave it a good shot.

2. The Try-Hards

We all know this team as soon as we see them. They walk up, all wearing matching t-shirts they probably ordered weeks in advance, also sporting knee high socks, sweat bands, and maybe even have a coach with a clipboard or whistle. When you look at them, you can only imagine the song “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background as they walk onto the court. Their skill level only rarely reflects their appearance.


3. The Goof “Balls”

Yes, pun intended. This is a team I can personally relate to. This team consists of primarily people who have probably never played the sport before in their life, but yet show up to every game just to have a good time messing around with their friends. This includes: the over achiever who attempts a backwards half-court shot, the soccer player forgetting they can’t use their hands, and the players quite frequently heard shouting “I didn’t even know that was a rule!” But this is the team just in it to have a good time, so you might as well join in on the laughs.

4. The Freshman Dorm Teams

This is another team that is easily recognizable upon first glance. There is nothing wrong with being a freshman, in fact joining intramural sports teams is a great way to make friends! But just be aware, the rest of us all know who you are. First off, you are probably all strolling in wearing the same exact hall or freshman t-shirt. Also, probably looking like a lost puppy at the dog park, walking around confused not knowing where you are supposed to be going or what you are supposed to be doing.

5. Passionate But Totally Untalented

The team with all of the heart, but none of the skill. This team relentlessly shows up to every game, season after season, striving to win the “Intramural Champion” t-shirt yet they have never won a single game in their career. I have to hand it to this team for trying their hardest. I mean it’s true, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, and in their case they miss all of them.

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6. The Ones Who Forfeit

I would like to say we all know this team, but we don’t – because they haven’t shown up to a single game all season. We are wondering who you are, where you are, and why you keep signing up. But you are never around for us to ask.

Now that you know your potential opponents, get out there and join! Joining one of the many intramural teams UNH has to offer is a wonderful experience – a great way to become more involved in your school’s community and make new friends as well. Who knows, you might even find yourself joining one of these teams. Good luck, and go get ‘em champ!

Are there any other types of intramural teams you can think of? Comment below and share with a friend!
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