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6 Tips to Build Your Social Media Presence

6 Tips to Build Your Social Media Presence

We all love social media, or at least we use it to some degree. Whether you’re posting selfies every hour or you only update your Facebook profile once a year, most people use some sort of platform. Social media creates an opportunity for engagement and professional development. Many employers even require social media experience. This is why having a strong presence on a variety of platforms could potentially help your future endeavors. Here are some quick tips to increase your traffic and build your social media presence.

1. Determine what your brand is

What are you all about? If you want to start branding yourself, you have to figure out how you want the public to see you. Are you a fashion guru? Sports enthusiast? Makeup vlogger? Defining who you are is essential before you can even begin on the content.


 2. Focus on a few social media outlets

There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming to use all of the social media platforms available. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr are only just a few. Unless you have a personal assistant, there is no way you can proactively contribute to every single one of these accounts. Determine the few that work best with your brand. For example, if you rely on images, Instagram is a good choice. If you have more business related content, LinkedIn is a stronger option. You can post on multiple platforms, but using too many can become overwhelming, so just remember, focusing on one area will help you to reach that market more effectively.

 3. Publish quality content

You’re awesome and unique, show that! Make sure the content relates to your audience, that the photos or text you post reflect who you are, and only put out something you think people will want to read. You may have some funny photos from that night out with your friends, but maybe you should share them personally instead of posting it on social media. Good content is key to getting followers.

 4. Be consistent

Post things on a regular schedule, or as close to it as possible. Have content that shows a similar style, and try to post at the same time each day, especially when people tend to be online.


5. Use your name on social platforms

Your exact name may be taken on Twitter or Instagram, but a username that is close to your name will make you easier to find. Also, be sure to avoid using too many special characters.

6. Interact with your audience

Comment and like photos that your followers post. Interacting with people who like your content will make you more personal and appreciated. We like people who like us! Find accounts who post similar content as you and interact with them. You can not only grow your brand, but build a community as well.

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While I am not a social media expert, these are some quick tips that can definitely boost your views and hopefully get more followers. If you’re on social media all the time anyways, why not use it to your advantage?

Happy posting!


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